• Published 29th May 2013
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Fallout: Equestria - The Least Of Us - BillyColt

A Stable Overmare on a Bad Karma run

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Alrighty then, now I'm interested. I like side-fics that subvert many expectations, for one, the protagonist is not some errand mare for the Overmare. She is the Overmare. So I gotta hand it to Boss for pitching to do the work herself instead of delegating it to an unknown member of the Stable and sit on her butt waiting for him to arrive. Overtly cautious, rightfully so given the early violent encounters with the Tox. But I do believe that Righteous Hammer saved Boss a LOT of trouble detaining Slim Slick would would've surly gone down the path of exploiting Boss's Stable residents. How fortuitous Boss managed to crawl out of Stable 51 just a day before The Battle of Fillydelphia concludes, lucky. So I'm very much looking forward to how you interpret a story taking place in the Era of Sunshine of Rainbows.

The downed Enclave craft may pose a problem. What with panicked pegasi soldiers believing themselves to be trapped behind enemy lines and separated from the chain of command would probably be way too trigger happy to parley with Boss if she ever encounters them.

Anyways, upvoting and faving your fic.

Great chapter, can't tell you how happy I am to see an update! :twilightsmile:

Your book has been advertised on the new facebook group page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/foebooks/ :)

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