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A relatively normal day is disrupted when Luna learns that Orcus, the Demon Prince of Undeath, has escaped from Tartarus and is making his bid for conquest, starting with Ponyville. More horrifying though... is that fact that only she seems to care. Time is of the essence, and no one, Celestia included, seems worried about the impending disaster. Will Luna be able to rally the army, shake the citizens of Canterlot from their strange apathy, and save the day?

No. No she will not.

Everypony in this town is crazy.

(Special thanks to my Prereaders, many of whom do not have accounts, for convincing me this fic didn't suck. Also, thanks to Danmakuman for the cover art!)

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Celestia finds herself in a predicament when she finds a bright red dot, and decides to give chase. Will she ever catch the dot, and where is the dot coming from?

Comments and criticism are appreciated.

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You are anonymous the Lone human in equestria.
One morning afther you promised to bake some stuff with pinkie a prank gets pulled off on you.
only for many more to come. You think of a way to get some payback.
maybe it wasn't the best way, maybe it was...

My second story in the Heartwarming Moment series.
Who's next?

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Every year, hybrids and creatures with chaotic hearts are drawn together in the Everfree Forest by their patriarch to take part in an evening of rowdiness and potential debauchery. This year after Discord's reformation, however, things don't exactly go as planned. But with the God of Chaos involved, does anything really go according to a plan?

Inspired completely by the cover art, which came from Lumdrop on deviantArt. Used with permission.

Rated teen for drunken carousing and some suggestive dialogue.

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The conductor takes his bows, smiling with pointed teeth as he drives me to insanity.

To Mr. Ignorable. Art used lovingly without permission by Soulspade.

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