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Having received a sudden summons, Twilight promptly arrives at Fluttershy's abode. She is soon involved in a case in which she will do the best to find her truth.

Emphasis on 'her truth'.

Warning: Death in here, though it's not quite the gruesome ordeal you might be thinking about.

This is the third dumbest story I've written. I'm sorry.

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by Ditz

One unassuming morning, Trixie accidentally tears her cape and now she has to get somepony to fix it for her before her show.

She finds that doing that is not as easy as she thinks it is.

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A recently freed Discord finds festivities of some sort happening, he investigates to find out what the heck it's all about.

A story vaguely related to the 4th of July posted a day later because I forgot to. Whoops.

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Spike the Dragon has never questioned the ways of the pony, but when something finally seems amiss, he is surprised to see that none of his friends actually pay any mind to it, in fact, none of them realize what he could even mean.

This is Spike, and this is the story of how he found out that the power of music controls the world.

(This is something that came to mind when I first saw "Crystal Fair" song when it was first shown to the public, not able to keep this on my head, I wrote it down. Not able to keep it for myself, I decided to post it for you guys to hat- I mean, read. Enjoy.)

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Pinkie makes Rarity confront her past.

With a forgotten, very late addition of a reading by Midnight29 right here!

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After receiving a strange letter, Spike seeks out advice from his friends.


5th story of weekly shorts.

Thanks to Agrol for creating such a fitting image.

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