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"'Colts will be Colts' is not a sentiment that applies here at my Friendship School!

Times have changed. Kids or not, everyone, students of friendship included, have to answer for these sorts of disrespectful displays. Now, all of you, down to Counselor Glimmer's office, immediately! I'm going to have a long chat with her about what to do with you all!"

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Wake up. Go to work. Save Ponyville from unimaginable horrors beyond time and space. Have lunch with your PFF.

Ditzy Doo lives in a different world than her fellow ponies. She sees things nopony else can see—like higher-dimensional spatial anomalies, fae creatures, and eldritch abominations. And she uses what she sees to solve problems that nopony else even knows about.

But this time, Ditzy may have bitten off more than she can chew. Something very unfriendly is trying to enter Equestria through Ponyville’s Town Hall. An earth pony with an hourglass cutie mark has taken an unhelpful interest in Ditzy. The Princess’s personal student has grown suspicious. And, most irritating of all, her alarm clock radio is acting strangely.

Ditzy must race against the clock to save Ponyville—a clock that keeps playing the same song over, and over, and over ...


Many thanks to everyone who preread and edited my WORDS WORDS WORDS:

Japanese Teeth
Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi
Clever Pun

Cover art assembled by yours truly, using a Derpy vector by Sierraex.


Shoop boopy boop boop doop bedoop.

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Last night, Pinkie Pie exploded. That’s why Rarity is so blood-stained. A police officer interrogates her about it.

Inspired by this song.

Edited by The Abyss, Aragon, and ReFro.

Fan reading by Iris and Fluffs
French translation by StrayPaolo
Chinese translation by scpony

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After a shipment of bootleg puppies arrives in Ponyville, only one mare can stop them before they overwhelm the blooming puppy market. By punting them skywards.

It makes sense in context.

Wonderful cover art helpfully MSpainted into existence by WanderingPony!

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