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I was born in Clouldsdale, EQ and i always had a thing for stories. the good ones, the bad ones, and everything in between.

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An affectionate baker and a mathematician go on a date.

Innocent M/M OC shipping fluff.

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A 5-year-old boy, named Nathan, is brought from his orphanage in Texas into the Crystal Empire Equestria where he is found by Princess Cadance and Shining Armor. After spending a day in Ponyville then going back to the Crystal Empire, when he tells them that he doesn't have a family and has nowhere to go, Cadance and Shining Armor adopt him as their son.

Cover Art by Gorokai

Chapters (12)

Muse is a unicorn like any other. He goes to school like everypony else, has hobbies like everypony else and has a few friends he hangs around with. His best friend Orion is an earth pony, who'll always stick to him, no matter what. But one night, they put their friendship to the test.

An OC Story by Starweardo

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World Wide (me) has a huge Crush on a foot ball player who is way out of my league. And when I accidentally spill his food all over his jersey, I run into the bathroom. But when he comes to comfort me, will they be friends, or more?

Please leave any comments on how I can improve my story.

Oh and just because they are mentioned doesn't mean they are a main part of the story.

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Butter Cream is a short earth pony who would like nothing more than to bake all day. His snobby boss, Golden Hope, runs Manehatten's finest restaurant and bakery, and enjoys teasing and harassing him in the kitchen.

Just as Golden Hope's harassment begins to come to a head, he meets a tall, handsome stallion in the restaurant and falls in love. When the object of his affection, Mocha Caramel, breaks up with his now-ex-boyfriend, he begins to return Butter Cream's affection, and simultaneously causes his ex to direct his ire toward the small pony.

Butter Cream, suddenly finding himself pressured on two fronts, works to keep his new relationship together while keeping his job. But will the Manehatten snob and the angry ex succeed in breaking Butter Cream's resolve, and will he and Mocha Caramel enjoy a happy ending?

Chapters (2)