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Rumble, Alula, Featherweight, and Zipporwhill all love adventure movies. No wonder that as soon as Crimson Feathers II: The Final Confrontation hits the silver screen, they come to the cinema to watch it before having some fun at the lake...

That is, before they find the mysterious island.

Co-written with Bootsy Slickmane.

Chapters (1)

Maud Pie has been tormented by a secret she has had to keep from Pinkie Pie for many years. A secret that her Nana has now taken to her grave, but which Maud feels she needs to tell. She owes the truth to her adoring baby sister... but after all of these years, how can she come out and tell her something that could change the way she sees herself and the world around her?

Co-written by Bootsy Slickmane
Rated T for mature themes.

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Diamond Tiara has a very unusual day.

A collab between myself and Mattricole, written by trading off each writing a paragraph (most of the time).

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After the defeat of the sirens by Sunset Shimmer, Twilight Sparkle, and the Rainbooms, Twilight believed they would be rendered powerless normal human girls. When they return claiming to be starving to death without their song magic, will even Twilight Sparkle have it in her heart to let them back into Equestria to feed on the misery they must create? Or will they have no choice but to let death take the sirens?

Co-written by Bootsy Slickmane

Chapters (1)