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Twilight, Minuette, Lyra, Moondancer, Lemon Hearts, and Twinkleshine spend Hearth's Warming Eve in a little cabin in Crystal Mountains. They don't mind the bad weather and spend time playing cards, drinking hot chocolate and talking about random things.

A somewhat belated Christmas fic.

Preread by Bootsy Slickmane and Proper Noun

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On a rainy day, Vinyl Scratch meets Fleetfoot in a bar. Together, they talk a bit while drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes. Nothing else happens.

Russian translation by GreenWater

Pre-read by Bootsy Slickmane. Check out his Nothing Happens stories too.

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Being Twilight isn't easy. You have a TON of responsibilities to do, such as studying, and helping friends with all sorts of problems. That's been Twilight's life in a nutshell for an entire week, and with a massive sleep dept to pay off, getting out of bed in the early morning isn't easy, especially when you can't even remember what it is you're suppose to do that day. Maybe Twilight will figure it out while doing her usual morning rituals such as brushing her teeth.

I was inspired by two things to do this-
First being the "Nothing Happens" stories by the awesome Bootsy Slickmane
Second was inspiration from the drawing in the icon, made by the awesome Atryl

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Twilight Sparkle rearranges her monthly schedule.

Nothing exciting happens.

Inspired by Bootsy Slickmane's "Nothing Happens" stories. Check them out!

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Vinyl and Octavia sit down and eat some breakfast cereal. Nothing ensues.

Now with a (somewhat unconventional) reading on YouTube.

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Diamond Tiara goes shopping for eggs. Nothing ensues.

Now with a reading on Youtube.

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