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[MLP mix-up with SCP and Amnesia & collab fic with http://www.fimfiction.net/user/alexandru1208]

When Doctor Whooves leaves his two co-workers; Cloud Chaser & Alex Thunderstrike to watch over the TARDIS while he is out for a 'business' trip with his lover the two ponies find themselves in a world where monsters thrive and the two ponies go on quest to find their way out of this horrible world and get back home.

[Credit to alexandru1208 for the awesome poster/cover!]

Chapters (2)

This is a story about the last human after the conversion of the human race into ponies. The last human is alone but is going to continue to live and shine, even if everything seems to be at its end.


Expand for the Music For the Parts:

Part 1 -
I'm Alone :Inception Soundtrack HD - #12 Time (Hans Zimmer)
Final Fight and Ending :Hancock - Death and Transfiguration

Part 2 -
I'm Still Here :edIT - Twenty Minutes
Finale Battle :Time - (Instrumental Core Remix)

Part 3? -
Blinding Truth :Battlefield 3 OST "Solomon's Theme"
It Ends With Me :Courtyard Apocalypse

Chapters (17)

This story is set within the first season of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic but the focus revolves around an original character. In addition, it takes place after another fic called Over the Hills and Far Away. The main character of the story is Rob Stallion, a mysterious blue pony that bears a very strange cutie mark. Who he is and where he came from remains a mystery but he possesses a determination no other pony has. A Stallion's Journey is about Rob's determination to protect Ponyville from an evil wabbit who wishes to conquer Equestria. What begins as a tale of a pony struggling with responsibilities will lead to one making a decision that will affect everyone involved.

Note: The reason why human is added in the categories is at the very end aka the Final Chapter.

Chapters (2)

EDIT - Cancelled due to another re-write. The new version will be called "The Plasma Identity" or something like that as it will be a series of stories. I kept it up for the hell of it :3

Max Plasma has been in a coma for many years and when he wakes up he has amnesia as well. So life becomes hard, but with the help of the Ponyville ponies he is able to get his life back.

But as he discovers thing he discovers something that he was meant to forget.

Title Logo by Alexandru1208

Chapters (6)

With the events of the Molestia Night behind them, Luna's mind wanders around the topic. It is only a couple days later that she remembers some very crucial details about her stay on the moon. With the night young once more and her passion heavy, she seeks answers to the questions that her older sister brought up, as well as to her own. The way she does it, however, turns out to be very... Naaaaughtyyyyy...

-The events that take place in this story kick off directly after the events in the Epilogue of Princess Molestia.

Chapters (10)