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Long Hiatus. · 8:59am Jan 20th, 2013

I'm so sorry for those who watch me and expect further chapters in "Dawn of the Changelings."

I encountered huge amount of art/writing blocks and I could not do almost anything. I will, although, continue the story.

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I'm back for more. · 10:30am Oct 18th, 2012

Seems that I've returned in the land of FanFiction and I am starting up Alex Thunderstrike : Reawaken.

The story will be about Alex after his awakening from his coma and his encounters afterwards. Most of the actions listed in the chapters are from my past roleplaying and ideas.

Shipping might happen, many or less know and a possible third part will be put to thinking after Season 3 of MLP:FIM airs. Keep an eye on that.

Let's get on writing stories now, would we?

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Taking down "Alex Thunderstrike" · 7:00am Jun 1st, 2012

Can't describe the anguish I am going through with Alex.

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News and cool stuff moved on Deviant Art · 9:17pm Mar 13th, 2012

As the name is , I moved all the blogging , news and new things to my page on Deviant Art here : http://alexandru1208.deviantart.com/

Be sure to check out sometimes for :

- Pictures

- Fan-Fic news.

- Different pile of things.

Also , if you have an DA account by surprise , throw in a WATCH+.

I will start on chapter 13 soon.


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Slowpoke. · 7:14pm Jan 30th, 2012

As the name says I am going a bit slowpoke on the chapters. I try including an other easier way to place dialogs with much more sense on who's talking and to who.

Example :

[<Name> <A plus : Accent , tone , bonus emote.>] : "<Dialog.>

And maybe add a little color once I start to redo the rest of the chapters and some pictures for a small detail.

I work on the next chapter ASAP and post it when I'm finished.

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Back to write. · 6:58am Jan 18th, 2012

Well , the new years holidays passed and high-school kicks in again , I have nothing to do in the week..

I am back to continue 'Alex Blue-Blur'.

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Christmas and jolly new year! · 4:30pm Jan 1st, 2012

Okay not many of you all even care what I write here but I have to let this here.
So , I want to tell you all to have a great new year in the new 2012 and enjoy the new things that will arrive along with it. :D
I also forgot to tell you to have a Merry Christmas (Kinds late I know..) and so on.

Now the main subject about my fic that I own , some don't even care about it but there is someone that stays updated.

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New stories. (Maybe) · 7:27pm Dec 23rd, 2011

Yep' , I am already thinking for other stories or Side-stories , I will leave them here in a list and maybe you guys can choose one after the finish of Alex Blue-Blur.

Ok , here are the estimated stories. :

- 'The tale of Silvergun and Rika' (Or "Tale of the Mild west" or the "Western winds" : A side story that involves Rika , the leader of the 'Iron-Wings' in Hoof-Town and Silvergun , A Mild West stallion unicorn that was exiled from the city of Appleloosa due to his powers.

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Hard time.. · 8:22am Dec 14th, 2011

Well guys , as you noticed , on 'Alex Blue-Blur' chapter 5 was a complete failure but I had to finish it.
I will try to make chapter 6 and beyond better and more action to happen.
Now until my winter vacation I will move slower.

Until the next chapter , see you then.

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Name question. · 2:14pm Nov 27th, 2011

I questioning myself and now I ask you.. What name will be best for my OC?
'Blue-Blur' or 'Thunder-Blur'?

Or if you can suggest a better one.. Feel free to say.

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