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[MLP mix-up with SCP and Amnesia & collab fic with http://www.fimfiction.net/user/alexandru1208]

When Doctor Whooves leaves his two co-workers; Cloud Chaser & Alex Thunderstrike to watch over the TARDIS while he is out for a 'business' trip with his lover the two ponies find themselves in a world where monsters thrive and the two ponies go on quest to find their way out of this horrible world and get back home.

[Credit to alexandru1208 for the awesome poster/cover!]

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I only read the description, and thats enough. FAVED:yay:

I JUST got into SCP, I LOVE Amnesia, and the REASON I became a brony was because I am a huge Whovian....

My God good sir/madam I'm tracking this.

Posted on FimFiction! To many views as possible, Cloudy~! <3 :twilightsmile:

there needs to be more Cloud Chaser fics. I will read this. :twilightsmile:


Thank you :o Tell your friends and make sure they tell their friends. :heart:


Thank you for reading! I just posted up the next chapter for all the readers. *-*

Amnesia + ponies. :pinkiegasp: sssssshhhhhhhhhhhheeee..... so looking forward to more. :moustache:

I love amnesia and MLP so this is going to be so awesome! /)^3^(\

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