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Being a rock farmer is simple. You just have to move and break rocks. Couldn't be any more complicated than that. Someday Limestone Pie is going to be as good at it as Papa! Absolutely nothing can threaten this.

Nothing, that is, except Great Uncle Holder Cobblestone and his stupid boulder.

A cutie mark story for everyone's favorite grouchy pony.

Slightly AU because I altered the history of the Pie Farm a bit, but I was convinced by one of my pre-readers that the AU tag wasn't warranted. We shall see!

All my thanks go to NumberFifth and Serketry for their pre-reading, editing, and plot suggestions. Seriously, it helped a lot.

Cover art belongs to Aureai. Tried to get permission but received no reply. Will change it if they ever ask.

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What if Celestia never wrote back? Like, ever?

I got the idea from 4everfeebrony's song.

I also wrote this on the go.

Song: https://4everfreebrony.bandcamp.com/track/thought-id-let-you-know-ft-relative1pitch
Picture: http://dragonwolfrooke.deviantart.com/art/thought-I-d-let-you-know-431412930

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Buying trinkets is a-okay. Buying arcane trinkets is questionable. Buying trinkets that open gateways to other realities is a big no-no!
Now, Pinkie Pie must close this gateway by any means necessary. Little does she know, horrors as old as time itself await on the other side, eager to shatter her sanity into little pieces.

Little do the horrors know, they're not dealing with your everyday mare.


Because eldritch horror is a lot less scary when you can giggle at ghosties to keep it away. Written because of a sudden, unexplainable urge, perhaps just a smidge of insight from the Great Ones, mostly because the idea seemed funny in my mind.

Is it funny, though? You'll need to be the judge of that, dear reader.


Tags: Lovecraft, Cthulhu mythos, Eldritch horror, Eldritch comedy

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Sweetie Belle is compelled to learn magic after Rarity promises to teach her the finer art of dressmaking, but only once the young filly has learned the basics of magic. However, learning magic comes with its own set of complications and bears an unforeseen gift that will change Sweetie Belle's life forever.

Here's a one-shot sequel that takes place four days after Scion of Chaos: An Emerald Treasure

And this is a Multi-chapter sequel that takes place 5 years after the events of SoC and AET: A Heart of Change

Here's a poem that's based around the character Red Timber. (Not necessary to read for the comprehension of the storyline): Red Timber

Special thanks to SameAsUsual for letting me use his art: http://sameasusual.deviantart.com/art/Ultimate-Sweetie-Belle-340226445. And to ShadowBro for adding in the title and cropping the image.

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Life has a weird way of messing with you. You might get screwed here or there, out a job, maybe a stab in the back, nothing you can't get back from. Then there are those times. The times you can't get back from within your wildest dreams. And the universe couldn't cut me a break and make the impossibility simple. Nope, didn't get to stay human, didn't get the luxury of being transmorgified into a pony, griffon, or other, I didn't even end up as an already established pony within the candyland of Equestria!

Nope, for me, I wake up not as Pinkie Pie, but instead inside the mind of Pinkie Pie. Back on the rock farm when she was a filly. My name ain't that important anymore, but Pinkie's taken to calling me Mena. And it's gonna be a long, windy, freaky road ahead, ain't it?


[Tags will be updated if need be. Dark tag there for overall and reoccurring themes. And while it's not enough to warrant the tag there may be adventure elements from time to time. Critique is welcome and I hope you enjoy!]

Holy cow, featured on day/night one! Thank you muchly so everybody!

9/19/2023: Overall grammar overhaul for existing chapters.

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This is Equestria. But something went differently this time. The Everfree is even more out of control, and has become a breeding ground and nesting place for thousands of dangerous creatures. With so many new threats constantly changing, evolving in the darkness, no one knows what the next monster could be capable of. In such a world, the Unknown means Danger.

Meet Pinkie Pie. She's an earth pony who likes parties and making everyone smile. She's very, very good at it.

That's a bad thing.

You see, some of the things she does are... strange. Unnatural. Sure, parties may be her special talent, but that doesn't explain where she got a cannon that can decorate a room. And it doesn't stop at parties. There's something unnatural about that mare. No one can explain it.

Pinkie Pie is an Unknown.

Unknowns are dangerous.

Princess Celestia has taken the poor pony under her wing, and raised her away from unfriendly eyes, allowing her to live what approaches a normal life. Soon, Pinkie will be reintroduced to the world at large, starting with a little town called Ponyville, on the day of the one-thousandth Summer Sun Celebration.

Let's see how that goes.

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