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Hearths Warming Day is almost upon the village of Ponyville and no two ponies are more excited then Sweetie Belle and Button Mash. For the energetic gamer, it's a chance to get as many new games as he wants, but for Sweetie Belle she's excited because she'll be living a dream. After a year of saving their money, she and her sister are going to the Manehatten Hearths Warming Show where all the best actors, musicians, and performers play for one night only.

However, when disaster strikes leaving Sweetie Belle's dreams shatterd, Button resolves to help his best friend.

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Still suffering from humiliation because of Dash and Pinkie, Gilda turns to food for comfort. And her best friend is more than willing to help her out

AN: As always criticism is welcome

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What would you do if you wake up one morning to find yourself living a completely different and alternate life?

What would you do if you suddenly find yourself married with foals?

What if you are now married to the pony you least except?

Applejack is about to get the shock of her life as she tries to navigate a world where she is now a mother and wife to a stallion she never had feelings for.

An unexpected TrenderJack tale.

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Fanfic collection about love, as the title says. There will be different pairings, mainly F/F but I do not exclude M/F in the future. You may find slight references to sex. Please do not make request for other pairings you want to read about in my stories, I feel better to write only about pairings I like. I would like you to know that my stories have been translated from Italian by a friend of mine. Here you can find my EFP account with my stories in Italian. I'll specify which pairing you'll find in the title of every chapter. Enjoy!

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The Mane six's younger foals and the CMC's foals decided to be the next Cutie Mark Crusaders

Heres a better coverart :). This was made by 2fab4u. And I could use some coverart for Cutie Mark Crush-saders too if your interested.

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