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'Prepper', is an alicorn who once saw a glimpse into the future. With a vision of disaster, her destiny changed. No longer believing that no harm could ever come to the world she knows, she began to prepare for an uncertain future.
Now a wandering caravan finds themselves welcomed, invited to come join her in her shop, 'Prepper's Place', as she tells the story of how things came to be the way they are now.

This is an 'episodic' style story that follows the dream one alicorn has of bringing love to the wasteland in her own little way. Revel as she recounts her tales, and buy her bargains at brazenly discounted prices.

Cover art was done by the magnificient Grypher, who can be found on Derpibooru. (No link this time, you might see why if you check!)
Authors note: I had planned to keep this hidden until completion (it isn't going to be a long story, I swear!) but the fact that Grypher finished the cover art and plans to release it prompted a change of pace. Current events in the world (a certain virus) have slowed down my writing efforts, but I promise, this WILL be complete before long!

Also of note: although this is set in the same canon as Broken Bonds, the two stories will never meet, so knowledge of one will not affect the other.

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Inspired by the heroics of the mysterious mare known as the Stable Dweller, Silver Storm, a guard of the town of Marefort, decides to go on a daring mission to rescue her captured brother. Of course things rarely go as planned and her attempts at heroism drags her into a tangled web of plots and conspiracies as warring factions vie for control over the last great city: Dise.

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Hope is the faith of the young. Losing everything she holds dear, Puppysmiles embarks on the adventure of her life to find her mother, her hopes of meeting her again driving her through the horrors of a world not of her making. Too bad the Wastelands doesn't care about hope.

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In the months that followed the Day of Sunshine and Rainbows, groups who backed the Stable Dweller allied together in spite of their differences to help create a brighter future for Equestria. New Canterlot now stands as a beacon of light and civilization for the rest of the wasteland.

Meanwhile, a born wastelander named Roulette, still rocked by the havoc of the events of Operation Cauterize, must come to terms with the bitter realities of what happened that day. She remembers the days before the Sun and contemplates her life in a changing wasteland. For a mare who lost everything, she can only hope to make something of herself in this ‘new’ wasteland and be like the hero she admired in her foalhood.

Her travels take her to the Outpost 52 on the border of now civilized New Canterlot territory for a bitter reunion with an old friend, but when her foalhood hero's name comes calling again, it brings up painful memories and questions from her wasteland days. What's a wasteland mare to do? 

Sometimes you have to take a gamble...

A Fallout Equestria Side Story
Original FO:E by Kkat
Edited by: Aezaelia
Past Editors: BasicJasioh, Relentless, Shady
Cover art by Jowy
Font by Calistomaniac

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