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the Everdark: A twisting labyrinth of raw stone that spirals far beneath the crust of the surface. Few ponies dare delve so deep into the subterranean tunnels and caverns far below Equestria, or would dream of ever attempting to traverse the maze of rock and abyssal cliffs that make up such a terrifying place.
Flash Acumen suddenly finds himself separated from his friends as, during a friendly hiking trip, he is plummeted into the abyssal depths of Equestria following a sudden and violent Earthquake. With only his hiking harness, and a meager bag of supplies, he’s going to need to find his way out of the pitch-black caves of the spiraling Everdark before he starves to death, or the denizens of the deep devour him. But despite his bleak circumstances, he finds help from an unexpected sharp-fanged ally.

+All Artwork is done by (surprise, surprise): me

++Special thanks to my Editor: Ara (They make these chapters largely readable beyond my horrid first-draft scrawl).

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