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Only the oldest of ponies remember life when the sun still gleamed in the sky. Now the only lights that shine are the smoggy light pollution of a city only managing to stay warm on the frozen planet because of Sunstone. Mega corporations run everything, tell you what to buy, and set the prices on what you need to live. Technology has grown faster than any could imagine and cybernetics are commonplace.

Jovin Sharpsight, a rather odd pegasus in a tight spot, finds himself in a bit of trouble as the drug he needs to keep himself and his cybernetic limbs functioning is rather costly. With his debts catching up to him he needs to get creative and risky to get himself out of spending the rest of his life mining Sunstone, or worse. Just how much is he willing to lose to get out?


This Universe is based on Ask The Sunjackers, an art story comic by Captain Hoers, all done with their permission, and cover art done by them. Please check out and support the source material for even more information on this world!

Thank you-
Editors: Sorren, Freglz
Prereaders: Marcibel, CyfroStan, Captain Hoers, Midnight Starfall, SkJolty, Wildcard Mask

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In the months that followed the Day of Sunshine and Rainbows, groups who backed the Stable Dweller allied together in spite of their differences to help create a brighter future for Equestria. New Canterlot now stands as a beacon of light and civilization for the rest of the wasteland.

Meanwhile, a born wastelander named Roulette, still rocked by the havoc of the events of Operation Cauterize, must come to terms with the bitter realities of what happened that day. She remembers the days before the Sun and contemplates her life in a changing wasteland. For a mare who lost everything, she can only hope to make something of herself in this ‘new’ wasteland and be like the hero she admired in her foalhood.

Her travels take her to the Outpost 52 on the border of now civilized New Canterlot territory for a bitter reunion with an old friend, but when her foalhood hero's name comes calling again, it brings up painful memories and questions from her wasteland days. What's a wasteland mare to do? 

Sometimes you have to take a gamble...

A Fallout Equestria Side Story
Original FO:E by Kkat
Edited by: Aezaelia
Past Editors: BasicJasioh, Relentless, Shady
Cover art by Jowy
Font by Calistomaniac

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A young filly in present day Ponyville is cursed with nightmares of post-apocalyptic Equestria. She finds herself influencing the course of future history in ways that she cannot understand. She must learn to balance her life at home with her life on the other side of the veil, and fight to preserve her own sanity, and her own innocence.

She discovers that such a task is only possible through the magic of friendship.

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Truth or myth? Ancient lost civilization or just an old pony's tale?

No pony has ever seen one, and most haven't even heard of them. But Lyra knows that these wonderful creatures are more than just old legends, and she's going to find out... and possibly drive her roommate insane in the process.

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The Metro tunnels of Stalliongrad shelter the last remnants of ponykind from the ravages of the Apocalypse. Beneath the earth, ponies struggle to survive against mutants, radiation, and each other. But when an unstoppable threat emerges from the darkness of the Metro, one pony must brave the shadows to save not just his home, but the very existence of his people.

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Twilight Sparkle - magus, heroine and Princess - has learned of worlds overlapping Ungulatia in space and time. Though this has been a well known phenomenon, safely traveling to these other worlds has always eluded pony mages. But now - after years of research and careful experiments - she prepares herself for the most audacious of all experiments: stepping hoof on the surface of an alien world and returning safely! What wonders will she find once she walks through her magic portal?

This assumes that Equestria Girls never happened.

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This story is a sequel to Foal Necromancer

And by sequel, I mean rework. A re-adaptation. A different take on an already well-acclaimed story...

Please bear with me now.

I might've been talking big about wanting to make a better iteration. None of that was bragging at all, and none of that necesarily suggests that I should create a version the same as the original, only refined and polished.

That's not going to happen. I'm not Kytranis 2.0. I got my own shtick. And frankly, there are a lot of things that Kytra did that I do not agree with. Similarly, there are a lot of things I myself will do that the die-hard fans of the original will not care for either. Also, there's nothing wrong with wanting to surpass your predecessor, for the LOVE OF FU-

I will try a different take on the same central themes and general starting circumstances as the original, but everything else after that is going to be my own thing. A new shot aiming for the same target.

I don't actually owe the fans of the original anything in particular. All I owe is that for my own sake, and for the sake of anyone who might potentially take time out of their schedule to read my work, I need to create the best thing I personally can, through what means I personally can. That means through my own vision, not through someone else's vision.

The young are defined by moving ever forward and making mistakes, which they either learn from or disregard. You don't survive long if you don't learn from your shortcomings and adapt.

The Living Lich survived for a very long time. He has much to look back on and reflect on, before he can understand what happened and move on.

Princess Luna has had an even longer life than one can imagine. She forgot more things than most mortals experience in their lifetimes. She ventures to teach the necromancer a new way of life, but knowledge can be shared both ways.

Chapters (21)

The abandoned story arc for The Golden Armor: Part II.

When light bursts forth in darkness, a shadow is born. The darker side of The Golden Armor resides here, so read at your own risk.

Chapters (16)

When Rainbow Dash agrees to temporarily care for an abandoned foal, she ends up getting more than she bargained for. Under the scrutiny of the public eye, Rainbow Dash has to try and bring up little Taboo right.

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Celestia said it herself, that Twilight Sparkle is no longer her student. While wandering around in the city of Canterlot one day, Her Highness stumbles upon Trixie's local stage show. To Her Highness, there seemed to be much potential behind the mere performer's act, and soon found it hard to resist taking Trixie under her wing.

Would Trixie even be up to the challenge?

Slightly edited by NemoSpecific.

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