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People are shipping this now · 11:15pm July 26th

And I don't hate it.

Rather, I hate how much I love it.

In fact, if Cozy Glow showed up in The Princess's Captain, it would be like this.

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Let the brain worm seize you, and the words flow.

i won't say no to a redeemed Cozy- seems overkill to put a kid in a stone prison with a couple of vampires.

Pretty sure Silver Spoon was the done-didder in that exchange. Every time she considered Diamond in a romantic context, she remembered their childhood, and that killed the mood deader than Sombra.

It’s one of those things that at first, just seems like cracking shipping, but then you step back and it makes sense :)
Case and point, my new otp I’ve taken the helm of at the moment



Silver Spoon is in a shallow grave somewhere.

Cute couple, though!

Nope .. just, nope.

Diamond x Pipsqueak is the only DT ship I hitch to.

I really don't get the current obsession in the fandom with trying to redeem Cozy.

I can kind of see this working.

I oddly approve. They're cute together!

Well, Twilight did use up all her Charisma Points for the next 1,000 years on reforming Starlight Glimmer, and I'm sure Fluttershy would like a break from that duty for once. So sure, why not?

Looks like Silver Spoon is getting kicked to the curb.

That’s what she gets for telling DT off.

everything is GlimTrix only GlimTrix matters

and if the PL title card that got leaked is legit, it is canon baybee :raritystarry:

Author Interviewer

Or worse, it's "I liked you better when you had no fucks to give. I was a child, filled with romantic idealistic nonsense for an abuser. But you were so cool."

The heck of it is, I have a perfect scene where I could use them to introduce discussion of polyamory, except they're really too young to make it work. D:

Pipsqueak can do far better.

Like Dinky. <.<

It's kind of a shame that Diamond Tiara is the better-developed character of that pair. I mean before her final speaking appearance she was shallower than a two-dimensional creature!

This is how the conquest of Equestria would begin...

Adorable little brats, aren't they?


I pictured it. It makes too much sense.

Sawtooth Waves has done it again.


Even though said 'kid' was fully cognizant of her actions and put the world in danger... twice? And is intelligent and mature enough to conspire with nearly demigod-level supervillains to destroy and ruin? Where's the cutoff point for that, I wonder?

The reason we protect children is because they're too immature to understand the world or what they do. But what then, about the ones who DO? Do we give them protection right up until 11:59pm the day before their 18th? Then if they threaten the world two minutes later, we put a bullet in their head? How are they any different now than they were two minutes ago?

You all focus too much on her age and not enough on what she's done and what she's capable of. If a newborn is somehow capable of ending the world just as a matter of course, will you sacrifice every other child in the world for the one about to inadvertently kill them or do whatever it takes to save all the innocent people who didn't ask to be murdered by a kid? Is it intent or threat-level you're looking at here? Without appropriate consideration and thought, the stance of 'Cozy Glow shouldn't have been petrified' is just a matter of the fact you people like the character or find it cute and thus skipped all reasoning to arrive at it.


I... no, Pipsqueak can be shipped better in my opinion. But I agree that this whole cult of 'redeem every villain' 'no villain did anything wrong' that's existed since Nightmare Moon was first revealed is a little ridiculous. "They're cute, or they're a misunderstood woobie in my fanon, so they must be redeemable." has always been vexing to me.

All I’m saying is that there’s some very hot art on Derpibooru of older SS domming older DT.

What is this leaked title card you speak of?

Has anyone written a redemption fic staring these two? I have a feeling it would work amazingly well.

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