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Happy American Thanksgiving to my American readers... · 7:44pm Nov 22nd, 2018

As many of us gather around today for the twin holidays of Thanksgiving and Black Friday, honoring the black two-headed beast-god of American over-consumption (food and consumer goods, respectively), I would like to take a moment to shed the cynicism I admittedly just invoked and say that you people, all you folks in this weird little community, are high on the list of things I am thankful for. You have made my life brighter, funnier, (sometimes) sadder, and have altogether uplifted me by giving me the gift of your words and your presences, a gift that I can never wholly repay. Thank each and every one of you reading these words.

Also, if you are looking to pay tribute to the second head of the beast-god, and are of a gaming persuasion, I should let you know that Supergiant Games's Pyre is on sale for like eight bucks on Steam, which is literally as cheap as it has ever gotten. Supergiant's difficult third album game after the runaway success of Bastion and the somewhat more moderated success of Transistor is a marked departure from either of their first two titles, even though (just like the previous two) it is beautifully scored and stuffed to the gills with quality worlbuilding. Pyre's odd fusion of fantasy basketball fable and visual novel, set in a massive hellish penal colony where sad, lovable people* engage in bloodless ritual sports for the right to return to polite society, works far better than it has any right to. "But Skywriter," you say, "I am terrible at sports games!" To this I will reply with two points. One, I felt that way too, and with the difficulty cranked all the way down and with aim assist on, I found it uncomfortably easy from time to time. (I actually ended up dialing the difficulty up in order to have fun with it.) Two, unlike the vast majority of gaming experiences, "losing" does not mean "failing to progress." Odds are you will end up working your way through a totally interesting and valid narrative even if you flub every single match, and there is no industry-standard "best ending / bad ending" dichotomy; every ending of the story is shaded in grey, which ends up being amazingly moving.

Anyway, just sharing what I'm geeking out about lately on my vacation time. Assuming there are any comments referencing the second part of this post, they'll probably contain spoilers, so tread carefully.

* except Udmildhe, because seriously.

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Comments ( 31 )

Happy Thanks of the Giving! :3

gaming persuasion

...Is that what it's called now?

Well, it's what I'm calling it.

Poor Cadance, she's just hungry like any alicorn would be. It's not over-consumption, it's correct-consumption.

I gotta second what you said right there. I'm not from the US, but I'm very thankful for the folks I've met and even friends I've made on FIMFic and the pony fandom in general. :twilightsmile:

Hope you folks get to stuff yourselves with turkey and enjoy your shopping!

happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

And thanks and the same to you. :)

Black Friday is a scourge that should be wiped from the face of the Earth and the memory of humanity. But Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃

Yes, I spent more than a few years working in (what’s essentially) a toy store during the holiday season, why do you ask? :raritycry:

And I'm thankful for you!!! <3

I completely agree with you. This community is filled with wonderful, caring and giving souls.
Thank you for being one of them

Author Interviewer

odd fusion of fantasy basketball fable and visual novel

I'm not actually convinced these words have meaning in this order c.c

To paraphrase what that wise sage Lanipator said on a video today (when addressing TeamFourStar's non-US fans), a happy... Thursday to you from here in the UK...?

Black Friday is generally a spectacle of greed and gluttony, but worst of all by far are the "pre-black Friday" sales that have encroached on our family-centered holiday with corporate maliciousness and disregard, ripping employees from their homes on a night when they would normally be guaranteed a day off with their families. Of course, the only reason this happens is because enough people are willing to go out and "get some deals" when they should be caring about far more important things, thus sealing the doom of everyone involved! :twilightangry2:

Sorry, this is a subject I'm rather passionate about haha. :twilightsheepish:

I'm thankful for Harshwhinny.

Also, I have Pyre on my computer, planning to give it a roll something.

Ha, holiday is one word for it! Black Friday is like "The Festival" in TOS Star Trek's The Return of the Archons.

Happy Thanksgiving! Remember to honor Celestia by eating lots of dessert.

you're welcome!

Pyre is really awesome; the setting is so wonderfully vivid. One day I actually hope to be able to write a universe inspired crossover for it (though realistically I don't think that will happen)

Crossover with Ponies?

Yeah. I think there's a lot of things you can play around with for similarities (e.g. connecting the Eight Scribes with the Mane Six or even the Six Pillars) to set up the setting, but still leaves plenty of room to tinker around and let the story develop organically and separately or tangentially from the plot of the game.

I dunno, I just think some sort of crossover alternate universe story pulling elements from this game would be wicked.

Look, it's really simple. On the ritual ground you are surrounded by an aura of your own willfulness, or in dystopian parlance, your sin. When it rams into someone else, or you ball it up and cast it at them, they're banished back into their flame of glory and will claw their way back out at a rate influenced by their hope. When the orb of judgment falls from the heavens, grabbing it will pull all your will into it, leaving you defenseless on the field but able to snuff out their flame by getting the orb into there. You can take aim and toss it in, but you might not have time or they can grab it out of the air, or you can tuck it close and run it in, but that leaves you stuck in the orb and your side down a man until somebody else puts the orb into a flame. Once enough of your glory gets into their flame or vice-versa, it goes out and there's the ritual done with.

Since your own hope, willfulness, glory, and quickness of mind all affect how you do out on the ritual ground, keeping your teammates' spirits up as you journey through the forsaken waste you've been banished to, dotted with the corpses of monsters the founders of your society slew so they could build back the road to salvation, is of utmost importance.

I'll just give you a couple of these to do with as you wish:


How about a redeemed Tirek as Emperor Murr, gathering teams of monsters to escape Tartarus?

Ooh, and they're all playing fantastic Buckball.

Ooh, I was thinking they'd take the role of Titans or something, but that would be very interesting.
Exactly! And it'd be really easy to fill out a roster of 6-8 different races that are sufficiently unique.

I'm thankful for you. You've given us many sensible chuckles in your stories, and ever a few heartfelt moments.

Sounds like!

As am I, Dan.

Will it stain my nerd cred if I say I don't remember that one?

Unfortunately, I am not an alicorn. Unfortunately for so many reasons. wanna be a pretty horse princess


Thank all of you so much once again!

Thank you as well for being one of the points of light shining out there as inspirations. :)

Back at you, sir.

… How does "back at you" work when that was the point of your post in the first place? Is this a verbal tennis match now, where we keep returning the compliment until someone misses a shot?

Back at you!

Only if it stains mine because I had to google it :trollestia:

Well, see, the thing is, you added to it...

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