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TEMPORARY Closure of the story · 10:21pm Nov 27th, 2017

You may have noticed the sign on my story: Closed for renovations. I'll say up front that the take down of Paradise is temporary, and necessary as I move on to the next step of writing revised (and improved by all accounts!), and new chapters. So rest assured, this is not Paradise going away. In fact, you could see is as a thing to celebrate. Progress!

I've been putting off making this blogpost, though, because I'm not sure how to explain what I intend to do. I've gotten conflicting advice and feel like I'm in uncharted waters. What I want most, is to do this right. People have been amazingly kind to my lack of updates, and you all sticking with me, commenting on the story, telling me how much you've enjoyed it is why I'm continuing at all. I mean, I could write any story, but there is only one story I'm writing already filled with kind and patient fans who have given me the confidence I need to be a proud writer. So where should I start? How much should I explain?

I suppose many are afraid that the original chapters are deleted and gone for good. I'll start by saying I'm saving the originals and I'll make them available later. They'll always be around for those who want a nostalgic revisit.

Next, when can you expect the chapters to come back, and most of all, with new material? I'd say expect more in about 1 year. That's my goal, to have something major coming down the pipes by that time. As you might know, I've been a bit sick and filled with a lack of energy that eats up a lot of my writing time. But I am managing it much better now, and my productivity is going up. I'm making serious progress.

Well, now I stare at my screen and think about the advice I was given once more. I look over my post and feel like I have failed to give any actual answers as to what is going on, and I feel bad about it. Give me a couple more months to figure out what exactly to say, and I'll explain everything then. If you've been with me this far, I pray that you'll be with me a little longer.

Doing my best to keep the faith,

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Wow. There is a blast from the past!

I am glad to hear the story is still alive (and more importantly that you are still OK). I am looking forward to the next update!

Glad to hear you're not dead and (even better) working on Paradise still. I'm especially glad to hear you will still supply the old chapters so I don't need to go hunt it down in the fimficarchive.

Site Blogger

Oh shit, you're alive!

I've kept Paradise on my tracking list for years. Super exciting to hear there's movement!

As one of the first stories to make my small Recommended list, I'll keep watching and waiting as long as the story has some marker to point to.

PS, as Themaskferret mentioned, your original chapters are still preserved in the Fimfarchive.

I put the epub from the Fimfarchive here for convenience as long as the author doesn't object.

As somebody who worked on a story for a similar period of time, I can understand how these things grow into difficult tangles. I got mine sorted out eventually, and I am sure you will too. You do what you think is best, and at least some of us will still be around when it's finished. :twilightsmile:

Whoa, i actually thought about the story just couldnt remember what it was called or who wrote it. Man its been ages. Glad you are ok.

Whenever it comes out, im sure it will be awesome. :)

IMO, taking down chapters is the worst option available, at least until the revision is complete and posted. Still looking forward to the rewrite!

Ah, I'm sorry about your illness and energy problems; I'm glad that things have been improving for you.

Wow hi there :twilightsmile: Nice to see you again. Get better :rainbowkiss:

Now that I think about it, I still remember everything about that story. It's been years and I can recall vividly enough most of the stuff that happened with Celestia and Luna. You sure made something great. I hope I'll see completed Paradise one day :twilightsheepish:

Oh wow, I haven't read this one in ages! I am so glad to hear there's gonna be updates! I can't wait!

I believe Galaxy Quest had the appropriate quote for this:

"Never give up. Never untrack."

Well, I'm sure it was something like that.


My guess is that it's to dissuade people from trying to do a re-read in preparation for new chapters--because they'll just be needing to re-read it again once the reworked chapters are out, and the old chapters may no longer mesh with the new story Canon anyway.

Authors doing a complete story revision to get back into their stories always makes me nervous. But I hope for your success and continued inspiration!

Great news! Paradise is one of my favorites.

*pokes through saved fanfics folder* Yep, got my copy saved to my computer so I'll be fine during the wait if I feel like I need to reread the story in its older form. :)

Aww balls. Well I hope ya do make it available soon. Last fic I saw so this is still dead years later.

But your reasons are your own. Good luck out there and I hope ya find health wealth and happiness. You deserve it!

I don't really understand the reason why you take down the story, but it's great to hear you're still alive and kicking. Still looking forward to one of my most favorite fics getting finished, however long it might take.

I'm currently overwhelmedly pleased that you're all taking this so well. Thank you, sincerely. Even when you don't understand my reasons (and sorry about that), I feel like you're there still to support my writing and story.

Thank you.

Woah, been a while. Kinda missed this since I don't check this account very often. Anyways, if you need someone to pre-read for you again, just hit me up on Gmail. Or just to chat, for old time's sake :P

On the one hand, I just about had a heart attack when I saw all of the missing chapters. On the other, I'm very excited to see where this new version is going!

https://fimfetch.net/story/273/paradise original story here. and in fimarchive.

Gargh, I was so scared when I saw the chapters were all gone. I was wanting to re-read the fight scene with the dragon for analytical purposes and to improve my writing. I know that there is a backup copy on Fimfetch.net right now, but any EST on when the chapters would be coming back?

While I'm very iffy on fimfetch defying my wishes on when and how to present a story, a ray of light is that it's helping you. If you find it unavailable for your analyzing, I can lend you a copy in private, and in confidence.

Is it really of the quality to be worthy of study? :twilightblush: The dragon chapters were the ones I was most nervous about posting! I hope you get plenty out of it, and feel free to shoot me some PMs if you want to pick my brain about what I thought going into it.

Paradise was actually one of the first 'action-y' stories on this site that really gripped me. I think your story was one of the first that really opened my eyes as to how size and scale can be presented in literature. The two scenes that had the most impact on me was definitely the dragon chapters and the Ursa attack. There's just something about the magnitude of their foes that awed me. I felt as if I was Celestia and Luna, helpless and insignificant against powers beyond imagination. If I can achieve your mastery over words in my own story, I think I would be a very happy person indeed.

I'm a little occupied at the moment, but I would very much like to take up your offer concerning the dragon-fighting scene in a PM! Thanks!

Was taking the story down as it was a really good move? I mean, this happened back in 2017 -- we're nearing the end of February 2019 here. What was supposed to be a "temporary closure" has lasted some 15 months. You're approaching definitions of "temporary" achieved only by civil engineering and city planning departaments...

Unless we have radically divergent definitions of "temporary", of course.

I obviously can't - and won't - tell you what to do with your stories, of course... but I'm more than willing to argue the decision. The story is actually referenced by TvTropes.org and even if there's a much better version of it forthcoming at some point in the future, the "old, inferior version" seems to have made enough of an impact.

I would suggest the revamped version going up as a separate entry (possibly with cross-links once it's up), and allowing the old version to return here. And at the very least, you can always swap it out later, if you're insistent on doing that.

It always amazes me when I see people who as regular everyday people try to push the concept of self worth and confidence about one's own identity in the real world, but then turn around as authors, and second guess the worth of everything they write. I've seen SO MANY authors with incredible work, work that has drawn massive audiences... So many that I've seen pull their old work, or quit half way through a story to re-write early chapters, to meet some quality standard that they've arbitrarily set for themselves in their own mind.

This story is already one of the best on the site... And now all people can find in it's place is an old sign post that reads between the lines "I didn't have the self confidence to leave the old chapters here". You're looking for fault in a story that is already loved!

We belive in this story.
We belive in you.

I do hope Paradise returns someday. I worry about it sometimes. I worry about you sometimes. I feel like it can't be healthy to second guess yourself, and whether you realize it or not, I think this is something I've seen many authors fall victim to, and I think you are in the same boat. You are worth more! Your words always had worth! They are nothing to be ashamed of! There is nothing wrong with the idea of the old story sitting in place till you finish. My greatest worry is that the lack of confidence in your old chapters will erode your confidence to finish new chapters...

Given the years since focus seemingly shifted, and over year since you took the old story down... I genuinely fear it already has. :fluttercry:

Hey, Slywit! You might remember me from a while ago. I kinda doubt it, given how I was probably only one of many who did this, but I had offered to edit for you. The offer still stands if you want it, although I'm mainly making this post for another reason. I personally am a huge fan of your work, with Paradise being one of my all time favorites. I've worked as an editor for a long while, so trust me when I say your writing is better than many published books even in what it's current state had been. It enthralled me like few others had to the point where I literally just remembered this while replaying Borderlands 2 with some friends. With that in mind, would it be possible to put the old chapters back up with that disclaimer at the end? They honestly were mostly publish worthy quality as they were with naught but a few spelling errors to say otherwise. At the very least, could I personally get a copy of the old ones? I've too many friends that I fear won't ever be able to enjoy the magnificent journey I found in Paradise.

I think its pretty much safe to say that we're not seeing this story again. Shame too. Despite whatever fault you somehow found with it, this story was really one of the most impressive fanfictions Ive read in a long time. Its rare I enjoy one so much.

Oh, sorry if this is a bother, but I already had downloaded an ebook of Paradise to read offline before you took the chapters down. Are you okay with me passing it to people who want to reread it? I mean, I see no harm in it (and I've already given it to some people), but I'd feel bad if you actually didn't want me doing that.

Thanks for the thought! After going through a couple of changes in plans on how I wanted to go about this, I think I'm okay with you sharing it.

If anyone is else is still checking back here, I'm being treated for a bit of anxiety I was ignoring. Trying my best to power through and find a way to work on this fic again. I appreciate your patience.

Pretty sure I've got the old version kicking around somewhere, but it'll be great to read an up to date version eventually. Hope you get back to this chief

Still checking here from time to time. This was the first pony fic I ever read (except maybe some really short stories). I would very much love to see this story continue! I'm glad you haven't given up on it yet!
Hope you get well!

I was looking through my favorites and saw that little closed sign. I'm glad I did. Boy do I know all too well how hard it can be to write when you've got a lot on your mind. I'm nervously procrastinating updating a story I've had on hold since 2015 because I fear the quality of writing has actually gone down, but ya know, gotta take a leap at some point.

I hope all is well and that life has been okay for you. Take all the time you need. I will say that Paradise remains to be one of my all time favorite fics I've read. One of the few that, even after not looking at it for years, I still remember fairly well. It takes a lot of skill to write a world that is both familiar and completely new, and I really think you accomplished that with Paradise. I genuinely think about it every now and then like one may randomly remember a favorite novel.

All that being said, I really hope you don't feel too much pressure to make this rewrite something spectacular. Even from yourself, it's important to know that nothing can be completely perfect. All you can do is do your best and I think that's precisely what you wanna do. Honestly, I'm sure that if/when the revision comes out, I'll be quite happy with it as will many others.

So, how is that going for you?

It's been a while. How's it going? Just wanted to check in and see how things were coming, as well as let you know that I'm still around and watching for an update. Even after all this long, you've still got fans hanging around and waiting patiently to see what you can do. :)

I never understood why people erase their old stories, especially when they get burnt out and don't plan to finish.

Either the author has given up, or they died from COVID. Some authors do the first one, and too many have done the last one too. *Sighs*

Anyone got a copy of the old chapters saved?

Let me know if you actually do.

Hey, do you still have the epub file on you?

Would you mind sharing the doc with me if you still have it? Thank you <3

Hello would you mind sharing the doc with me if you still have it? Thanks <3 I am desperate

It might take a me time to locate it. I don't use that computer anymore and I'd have to dig through my saved files if it wasn't lost in the move (which is possible).

Oh, ok thank you <3 It's okay.

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