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Why the flip has Paradise taken so long? · 11:10pm Nov 23rd, 2015

First off, don't panic. I'm still working on it. I still plan on finishing Paradise, in one form or another. So, breathe and relax on that, if you've been patient with me this long.

Let me say that the last two years have been utterly frustrating. I've quit my job with the sole purpose of more writing time, and one of the priorities was to finish Paradise, and enter into the writing world with a faithful following at my back. I could not be both a writer and a teacher, so I made steps to become just a writer.

Only once I had no job, and no source of income, I spent day after day feeling exhausted. It's not writers block, or anything like that. Just I'm physically incapable of the strenuous task of translating mental image to well constructed prose. My writing has become a trickle rather than a steady stream I was aiming for.

Well, now I've finally decided to take a steps investigate if I have a medical problem. I'm pretty sure it is at this point, because I've had a variety of minor symptoms I've ignored up until now because they were very minor and seemed unrelated. So now, I just have to navigate the world of US Healthcare, unemployed, and with no source of income.

... #*@&ing fantastic.

Anyways, I'm sorry I've taken so long. My goal had been to be finished in a month, not years, plural. Now you know why.

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I hope you get things figured out without too much undo stress. The 'joys' of bureaucracy can be many. Whenever things pick up again I'll still be here because I've been here during each previous hiatus with faith unshaken.

Sadly, I can entirely understand how this could happen. Hope you can keep things going and work out what's wrong soon!

Good luck with getting better. And I do thank you for your work on Paradise!

Sympathies on things going so poorly, but on the plus side you're taking steps to fix things. As a small aside, if you want someone to talk to about mental stuff, I've got lotsa experience.:twilightsheepish:

Mentally, I'm mostly just driven. Now, if only my body could keep up.

You have my sympathy on your current situation. However, for as long as this website exist, I'll always be a great supporter of you and Paradise no matter what. For the last year or so, I check almost every time I go on FimFiction and sometimes sorely go on for the purpose of checking this story.

Good luck and don't stress on this story. It exists thanks to you and I honestly cannot demand anything more of you.

Sincere Regards ~CroakyEngine

Good luck!

I'm happy to hear you are still writing, "Paradise" is one of my favorites here.

hi hi

I will eagerly but patiently await more Paradise. Whenever it is finished, will be an excellent day indeed.

I know full well how life can wear away at anyone, especially once financial worries start creeping in to those unconscious, but oh so important recesses of the brain, taking up precious, precious concentration when one needs all the concentration they can get. And then, when one gets physical health problems, it doesn't help to have to spend effort to ignore the problems and focus on something as fragile and ephemeral as creativity. There's probably not much I can do to help with either of those two problems, but I'm pulling for ya one way or another. If you need a hand, don't hesitate to ask.

I really love the story. Hope you can finish it, and find success in the writing world so you have an income.

Well, I'm late to the party about this post, but I can say your writing is nothing short of inspirational to me. There are just so many things I like about it. The prequel feel of it is amazingly well done if you ask me. I really do hope you get finished and get that not writer's block out of the way. Good luck.

Thank you! That makes me really happy to hear I inspire you, and have your support!

I'm still with you aswell. Won't forget. Can't forget. Keep doing your thing, find your balance and try to be happy. If your story ever comes out, I will be incredibly excited. If not, that alright too, although I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't be atleast a little bit heartbroken. Hope you've found some stability in your life again. Good Luck!

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