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Back on the Cadance horse; also, Galacon 2018 · 1:16am Aug 30th, 2017

First, before I say anything about magical cartoon talking horses, I think it would be remiss of me not to acknowledge all those affected by Hurricane and/or Tropical Storm Harvey. Stay safe; our thoughts are with you.

Now for the first topic addressed in the title; after far, far too long of a dry spell, Cadance of Cloudsdale is back in active production. "Spa and Order" concludes tomorrow at about this time, and I will really try to not make a yearlong gap between parts ever again. To this end, the next story in the cycle is already in early production stages. More on that when it comes.

Also in early production stages is the idea that I might try to make my way across the pond to Galacon in 2018. Any advice for a first-time traveler to Germany would be much appreciated as I begin to haphazardly throw things together to make it look like a plan.

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Comments ( 20 )

Be forewarned that the escalators in the subway are much faster and stop moving abruptly when (hopefully) nobody is riding. This is all secondhand information from a coworker who went there on vacation a few months ago and had an escalator halt unexpectedly and launch him over his suitcases and into a minor head injury. He then found out how the emergency medical services in Germany work (quite well, in his experience).

I would never have even thought to worry about this sort of thing, and I think about things to worry about a lot. Thanks for the intel.

Arrrrgh!! I don't have a picture for More Precious Than Silver or Gold yet!

Huzzah! I am looking forward to more adventures with Cadance and Shiny. Thank you for working on this!

What synchronicity. I was thinking about the fact that since this year I'm going to a bunch of American cons, next year maybe I will try to go to Galacon!


Hooray! I was wondering what happened to this story :rainbowkiss:

Man, how much will a trip to Germany even cost?

The trains actually do run on time, so it's perfectly reasonable to plan to make all your journeys by train.

Don't assume that waiters and merchants will be able to understand English, even in a tourist city.

The entire country is closed on Sundays.

News of your triumphant return makes me more happy than I can tell. I think I'm finding myself increasingly overinvested in the happiness of Shining Armor and Cadance these days. After all, not one couple in a century has that chance. . .

Woo! Huzzah for Cadance of Cloudsdale continuation! Also, man, seems like next year the con to be at is Galacon.

With both you and Ghost at Galacon I almost feel like I can't not go. Fortunately I've got a year to make arrangements.

Also, yay Cadance! I wish I could have the joy of reading it fresh tomorrow, but it was really exciting seeing the draft stretch its wings, and the final product is really going to be worth the wait.

Hurray, more Cadance!
By the way, does anybody know when Galacon 2018 will be? I can't find the dates.

A random collection of semi-useful facts and tips. If you need more or you have some specific questions, send me a PM.

1) As said before, trains are a viable mode of transportation.
2) If you rent a car, specify you want Automatic Transmission. Almost all rent cars have it, but it can still rarely happen to get one with manual transmission. I'm told that may be a problem.
3) Germans dine early. Not sure about the local conditions at Ludwigsburg, but late munchies (so after 11 PM) can become difficult to acquire.
4) Not driving in the rightmost free car lane on the Autobahn is a fineable offense.
5) Tips in restaurants are around 10%, usually.

I'm so happy that Cadance of Cloudsdale is continuing again! No advice on Germany, but have fun!

The Cadance of Cloudsdale "overview" (or whatever it is) currently 404s, presumably because it's unpublished; fixing that up would be good since you're coming back to it.

Yah, that's unfixable now, I need to remove that link.

Yay! Moar Cadance! Also, I have question: will you be writing more about how Cadance and Shiny fall in love, or is that not part of this? Sorry if that's a stupid question.

Yep! A little more on that next story.

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