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Some plugs, plus the Royal Exam starts posting today · 5:45am Nov 24th, 2015

Starting off quick with stories that I liked and that you might like too. Plug, Plug, Plug (because I haven’t done that for a while, and it’s time to share the love)

Writing is Hard by Eakin. Seriously, it’s by Eakin. That’s reason enough to read it right there.

Quicksilver by Admiral Biscuit. A short about a quicksilver miner. (Hey, it’s fun stuff. I used to play with it in school before it was declared The Most Toxic Thing In The Universe.)

The Many Clones of Twilight Sparkle by Naturalbornderpy. Twilight discovers a cloning spell. Twilight abuses said spell. So does Twilight. And Twilight. And also Twilight.

The Time of Their Lives by Cold in Gardez. Ponies love Ponyville so much that they just have to come back as tourists. Even when they’re dead.

What’s Your Story Morning Glory by Bucking Nonsense - A tale of Princess Luna’s new magic student. She’s an earth pony, but that doesn’t mean she can’t do her job.

A Change in Fashion by Kevinltk - Changeling Fashion Model is not as easy as it sounds.

Princess Twilight’s Omnicultural Multi-Ethnic All-Encompassing Defense Force - Twilight gets guards who match her personality. Fun and puzzling at times, but it’s an enjoyable read.

Equestria’s Changeling Queen and the Abyssal Empress - A sequel to Princess Celestia the Changeling Queen by Vren55, both of which are well worth the reading.

Shifting Melodies by Thadius0 - A quarter of a million words so far about bat ponies, changelings, and nookie. I mean cookies. No, I was right the first time. A fun read.

The Fabulous Adventures of Crepuscular Effulgence Future Princess of Brainship by Calipony - Words fail me. It’s short. Read it for yourself.

Clydes Tales by Salivanth - A series of very short stories about a very practical earth pony named Clyde

I’ll Always Be Here For You by The Abyss - With 29,000 reads, you’ve probably already read it, but if you haven’t, do it. And if you have, do it again.

Monsters by JawJoe, who will totally win the contest I entered, but that’s fine.

Ok, done with plugs.
The Traveling Tutor and the Royal Exam below the break

In other news, The Traveling Tutor and the Royal Exam has now started updating, and will update a chapter at a time every evening until Chapter 36 - Errata. Just as a warning, the story will end at the wedding kiss, although Errata contains some background scenes and after the fact stuff that certain people might be interested in. Nothing dirty. Well, too dirty.

The next chapter that will update Tuesday will contain Sizzler, a very interesting unicorn from Estee’s fine series of stories, including The Naked Lunch, although he is slightly changed to be a little less red and a higher reading level. When I was discussing things with Estee regarding the loan of his character, I believe he said something to the effect that Sizzler liked picture books. I have him reading Prancy Drew novels. Also, if you watch, you will see a changeling in this chapter.

I had a lot of fun writing about Green Grass and Twilight, and actually modeled the wedding after my own. I remember standing there. People said some words. I had to say “I do.” Then we went somewhere else, and there was cake. Later, we paid a large sum of money to get a series of photographs of the event so I could look at them and at least pretend I remembered what happened. Just remember, if the wife ever says anything that sounds like “Do you remember when we got married and…”

Your answer is, “Yes, dear. I remember very well.”

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Thanks for the plug dude. Makes me feel way better that such an experienced author like you liked my story after reading... *sigh* another silly comment on the story you just boosted *facedesk*

Geez, like my read later list needed more love...

I am pleased to have read just under half of your plugged stories before you made them cool :rainbowlaugh:. Didn't know I had so good taste.

Oh my. That bad?

Also, did you mean that the changeling is going to be in the upcoming chapter, or the one you posted last night? Or both?

Ah. I believe I understand. Which means I probably don't. :derpytongue2:

Thanks for the recs! Always looking for more good reads. I happen to have genre-sorted favorites folders if you're looking for something to peruse yourself.

3565579 How did you like my review of your story by the way Georg?

3568607 Very much so, kind sir. Thanks!

Thanks for the plug, I really appreciate it!

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