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I don't want to give out information here...  Because obviously you're all going to use it against me.  It's alright, I live in a cardboard box and I move it around a lot, so you'll never be able to.

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  • T The Winds of Change: Loose Ends

    Rainbow Dash and Jason seem to believe that things may have leveled out. Rest assured, they haven't. This wouldn't be much of a story if the pair that helped pull Equestria through trying times didn't need to stick around to the end.  · AgentSnail
    70,697 words · 2,046 views  ·  286  ·  19 · sex · gore
  • T The Ecstasy of Defeat

    The Griffin Empire has always been a place of dictatorship and repression, despite the recent revolution. Things have only gotten worse. It may be illegal, but escaping may be one griffin's only option. It's definitely not a good one.  · AgentSnail
    66,265 words · 712 views  ·  77  ·  4 · sex · gore
  • T Side Effects

    As Twilight Sparkle ascended to the throne, Caramel was excited to celebrate another royal with his friends. But as mystery pains from the night before continue to worsen, he knows that things won't stay as simple as he would have liked.  · AgentSnail
    17,178 words · 421 views  ·  18  ·  6 · sex · gore
  • T Secluded Once More

    With Dash and Jason re-drafted into the military, Scootaloo is left alone, without that spark that made her life turn around. Now she's back where she started, and the chances that her situation's going to get better don't look good,  · AgentSnail
    33,965 words · 1,266 views  ·  118  ·  3
  • T The Winds of Change: Fog of War

    The Griffin war continues, and Dash and Jason are thrust back into action. But with new Griffin threats looming, will they be able to win the war with the same efficiency and skill as they did in the liberation of Canterlot  · AgentSnail
    333,337 words · 5,856 views  ·  713  ·  40 · sex · gore
  • T The Winds of Change

    A man named Jason wakes up in Equestria as a changeling, and must quickly adapt to blend in and survive. Making use of unlikely allies, can he forge a usable existence into this strange and surprisingly hostile new world?  · AgentSnail
    187,728 words · 13,564 views  ·  1,522  ·  112 · sex · gore
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I'm okay.  Busy as usual, which is basically a copy and paste from most correspondence I have with you all so I guess you're not alone.  I'm glad I'm still getting some stuff out there though.  I'll finish eventually.

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How've you been, haven't heard much from you in a while, besides today of course, now I get to re-read it all again!  So yeah, how have you been my good sir?

Man, most of this was just a copy paste from last time.

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Nah.  I've just not had a lot of time is all.

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Are you dead?

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Congratulations on making the featured page!

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  • Pay Comes with Proof Yukos is at the final stage in what's turned out to be one of his more difficult jobs. The client only wanted a locket from the guy, but hey, who was he to question. Problem is, he isn't the one to get to it first… by AgentSnail 0 words · 0 views
  • Awake Dash remembered wind and speed, her fur in the wind. She also remembered the ground growing near. And the more she remembered that, the more the fear of leaving those behind kicked in. What made it worse? In the absence of pain, probably the dreams. by AgentSnail 0 words · 0 views
  • Tranquility Big Macintosh is nearing another birthday, and Rainbow Dash takes it as an opportunity to look back with him on the long life they've spent together. by AgentSnail 0 words · 0 views
  • Dead Ringer Discord isn't usually the reasonable type. Chaos doesn't really have that in the description. And yet, he's offering one stallion a deal, no strings attached. Yeah right. by AgentSnail 0 words · 0 views