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There are things in your life that you take for granted. Water, heat, a home. The family in this story, has none of these. They have nothing but their small shanty, and each other. And they're happy. But sometimes, happiness is nothing but the calm before the storm...

A/N: Tags will say sad, but it progresses towards that. At least, I will try.

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Princess Celestia has been worried about the decline of alicorns for some times now; with the help of her sister, she begins a reconstruction project started in a scientific bunker, deep beneath the surface of Equeastria. It's goal, to genetically modify and create new alicorns from already existing DNA or straight from scratch. The program, named the Alicorn Cellular Reproduction Project, suffered many failures early on, but after several attempts, the attempts of the scientists there came to fruition. A successful hybrid of Princess Luna's and Princess Celestia's DNA created the first of a new alicorn breed, Shadowlight. After the first success, the scientists were pressured into creating another. Running out of ideas, the took from the above town of Ponyville one of its residences, Ghost, to become transferred into the project. After her, they didn't stop. Celestia ventured farther than Equestria and pulled a human from his world, successfully altering him. She was still not satisfied, and gave the scientists the order to make an alicorn from scratch. Through many modifications to his genetic structure, Flare was created. He's unstable, powerful, and is forced to remain in the underground 'prison'.

(A/N): Collab with XeRom. (Ghost)

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Shadowkin, an alicorn, has lived secretly with his twin unicorn sister, Silent Scream, for the last 18 years of their lives. Their parents left them when they were six, forcing Silent to take on a life of crime to keep them fed and in their home. After they reached 16, Shadow convinced her to stop her life of crime and get a regular job. In the present, however, she broke that promise to him. Now she's gotten him exposed, and in prison. How will the always silent alicorn deal with the prisoners and plot his escape? Only time will tell.

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A teenage human boy with a troubled past manages to get into Equestria, but finds out that it's not like the show. Waking up with fur and paws, he has to face many different challenges head on. Even when things are calm, there is always a storm rising somewhere to strike at you.

(A/N): Description is subject to change. Thanks to my friend for the cover art.

A shout-out to Rust, the writer of The Ballad of Echo the Diamond Dog. He inspired me to do my own take on a life as a Diamond Dog.

Another goes out to Brony4ever, for the amazing cross-over.

XeRom, for working with me on over half of my story.
Here is his second story which crosses with mine: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/12500/CSF%3A-Celestian-Special-Forces

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A pony wakes up in a hospital bed with no memory. Feeling uneasy about all that has happened, not that he remembers much anyway, he makes futile attempts to regain his former self. The only thing he knows for sure is that he is in pain, and a lot of it. Every time he falls asleep, more and more memories seep in. He only knows about how something...Someone, saved him. As his memories return, he will have some tough choices to make. Will he accept who he is now, or will his memories get the better of him?

(A/N): This story is going to have a mix of Earth and Equestria. Things are about to get magical...

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Set 20 years after the events of Conflicted Reality. The main character adopted the name Skyward Flame. After three years he met and married a unicorn named Midnight Flash. Five years after they opened an Inn between Ponyville and the Everwinter Badlands. Six years after they had a son named Iron Fire, who had been born as an Alicorn. Due to him being an alicorn, he has been hidden from the world for the last fourteen years of his life. His journey starts when he is left a note by his father...

(This has a bit of blood, but just in case it is gore, I left it checked)

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Scott and Mateo have always looked after each other. They are sitting at home one day watching TV when a loud bang is heard outside. When they go to investigate, strange things start happening. In Equestria, everything is fine until a similar bang is heard. The citizens of Ponyville are in distress as a multi-colored vortex appears. One thing is on everyone's mind....What is going to happen? (Little bit of blood, nothin like gore though)

A/N: This was a story from Mateo, so you may or may not see the names again, as he is the original guy who brought me in the herd. That, and he is a very close friend.

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