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Set 20 years after the events of Conflicted Reality. The main character adopted the name Skyward Flame. After three years he met and married a unicorn named Midnight Flash. Five years after they opened an Inn between Ponyville and the Everwinter Badlands. Six years after they had a son named Iron Fire, who had been born as an Alicorn. Due to him being an alicorn, he has been hidden from the world for the last fourteen years of his life. His journey starts when he is left a note by his father...

(This has a bit of blood, but just in case it is gore, I left it checked)

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This was originally going to be a prologue, but I think it'd be better as the first chapter.

:twilightangry2:Congratz you have given me more to read. (is not a bad thing):heart:

*Sigh* Looks like I know what I'm going to read tonight. :eeyup:

172752 :rainbowlaugh: Well, all I can say is enjoy the tragic story of redemption.

if i could i would rip out your heart to hug it......eeerm...i mean uuuuh
your stories rock YEAH yeah thats what i meant.....-runs away-

blood is just deliscious.....wait uuuuuummmmm i meant to say uuuuhhhh......great story? -flys away faster than his father-

173235 I'm satisfied with my fight scene for Chapter 2, but I plan on...More gruesome deaths to fall those who oppose Iron Fire :pinkiecrazy:

In my opinion, chapter 3 is a 'meh' start, but 4 will be full of action...And a surprise.

As your friend, I feel it is needed for me to share my brutally honest opinion on the prequel on the sequel's page.
Honestly, it was short, fast, and kind of anti-climatic. I'm glad I'm going to help in one of these.

180017 Well, everyone is entitled to their opinions. With your help they will most likely be a bit longer and have more action. :twilightsmile:


Very intresting consider yourself tracked!

Also im willing to help with a evil version of fire just send picture Via photobucket

187487 I never said anything about a murder....To happen in this chapter at least :pinkiecrazy:

I have some catching up to do... better get started.

262607 This story is slowly progressing, so don't worry. You got time. :twilightsmile:

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