From Day To Night

by Wayofthepen

"To be whole again..."

The rain resumed early on in the week, pelting the homes and other buildings with its cold, unforgiving liquid. Puddles formed on the ground, reflecting anything that would be in its line of sight. The wind added to the coldness in the air. Entropy didn’t want to go out tonight. He wanted to go to Night and comfort her in her time of need. But what he planned to do would make that unnecessary.
The Hanged Mare. Local pub, collected all sorts of types. Drunks, criminals, guards, bounty hunters. Anyone you wanted to find could be found here, or you could find information from someone here.
The cloak Entropy was wearing was a light shade of grey, but turned dark from the rain. He went under the awning in front of the pub, and shook off all the rain.
“...I hate the rain...” He commented before entering the facility.
Darkwood tables were spread around at random intervals in the center of the room. Towards the corners were booths, a table just like every other, but were a tad darker lit than the rest of the pub. Doors to rooms adorned the walls, either for resting for the night, or more intimate purposes.
At the bar, Entropy’s destination, several ponies gathered around in a drinking contest. The unicorn bartender, whose coat was a dark brown, just like his eyes, was levitating more and more drinks with his magic.
Entropy flipped his hood down, scanning the rooms occupants once more with his blue orbs for eyes. Most pub inhabitants were too occupied to look at him, but a few did. They registered him as no one important.
As he reached the bar, he was not noticed. He tapped a hoof on the counter. No one noticed. He hit it harder. No one noticed. He pulled out his pistol, and let off a round into the air.
They paid attention now.
“Bartender...” Said Entropy.
The bartender slowly, cautiously, made his way over to Entropy. “Y-Yes, mister...?”
“Entropy... I’m looking for The Tracker.” The entire pub fell silent. All eyes were on Entropy, unsure if they heard him right.
“T-There are many t-trackers-”
“Not ‘a tracker’... THE Tracker.” He leaned forward, glaring at the bartender for attempting to avoid the conversation. When the bartender didn’t respond with an answer, Entropy pointed his pistol at the stallion’s forehead.
“You don’t find her. She finds you.” Called a voice from behind. A cold, scarred feminine voice.
“Wisp...” Entropy spoke without turning, the memories flashing before his eyes.
The sound of a crossbow being readied made him turn to her. Coat of grey, blue eyes whose irises glowed from mechanical replacement. Soft, short, and ragged white mane all around.
“You shouldn’t have come looking for me. I still haven’t forgiven, or forgotten, what your father did to me, my family, and my friends... And that you helped.” She raised the crossbow and aimed for his forehead. The tip of the bolt made him realize she meant what she was saying. Quartz tipped.
He holstered his pistol once more, taking on a look of regret and sorrow. “I never wanted to do any of those things. I’ve finally got my life back on track.”
She didn’t falter, and took one step closer to him. “Rape, murder, kidnapping... Your list goes on, kid. The only reason you’re alive right now is because Ventus decided to spare your life...”
“I know... The memories haunt me... But please, just hear me out.” He pleaded, memories of all he and his father’s victims.
“Why should I? You brainwashed my daughter’s coltfriend, you had him rape us both, and not to mention you planned to leave us down there forev-”
“NO!” He cut her off, angry that she can’t see the truth. “I was only doing that to find my mother, but he never had her!”
“That’s beyond the poi-”
“No, it isn’t. My marefriend is missing, and you’re the only one who can find her. I know what my father and I did was wrong, but I’ve made up for it. Please. Just help me save her...” He poured out every ounce of emotion with the argument. Onlookers were distraught. Some thought that the guard should be called for the criminal’s offenses, but others thought that he should be forgiven. Then there was the bartender, who thought he’d rather be done with them and not care what happens.
Wisp looked down at her weapon, then back at Entropy. She did this several more times before sighing and lowering her weapon. “...Alright kid. I’ll trust you. But if you stab me in the back, I’m putting the bolt in your head and leaving your corpse to your mother.”
“That’s... Completely understandable...” Entropy, for the first time in a long time, smiled. Things were finally going right.

Night was in the middle of doing the dishes when she heard her parents scream from inside the ‘house’. She ran inside to find her mother and father hugging... Bell!
“Sister!” Night screamed out, every ounce of her body excited, and barely able to contain it.
Bell looked upon the short filly with a loving smile. “Night. I missed you.”
Night ran through their parents, and tackled her elder sister to the ground. “I’ve missed you sooo much! But now you’re home, we can play, and read, and-” She cut herself off when the room suddenly became darker.
“What’s the matter, little sister?” Asked a voice that sounded like her sister, but had more than one tone to it. Night opened her eyes and screamed. Her sister’s coat was a full black, eyes a blood red, and what appeared to be a river of blood flowing from the sockets.
“Y-You’re not sister! Mom! D-Dad! Help!” She turned to her parents and screamed again, even louder. Her parents were replaced by demons of a similar nature, only having devil horns and black, leathery wings.
“Isn’t this what you wanted?” Asked the one that used to be her mother.
“The whole family back to normal... Almost...” Her ‘father’ stated. They began to close in on her, causing her heartbeat to rise to an impossible level. Her fear gave her only one option... Run.
“Where do you think you’re going, little filly?” Her ‘sister’ said, giving chase.
Night ran, calling through the streets for someone to help her. Yet everyone who left their homes were just like her family. She ran as fast as her little legs could take her, as far as her little legs could take her, but she knew she couldn’t run forever.
She was suddenly tackled to the ground by the being that was once her sister. It laughed an awful, echoing laugh that sent a shiver down Night’s spine. The laugh drew the horde closer, and closer, until there was a full circle of the creatures that continued on in a neverending sea of demons.
“N-No! Let me g-go! H-Help!” The small child cried out, attempting to flail her legs in an attempt to be free.
The demon pressed down on her legs hard, pinning her to the ground, flashing a smile that revealed several sharp teeth. “To be whole again...” The demon opened it’s mouth wide, came down on Night’s neck, and bit.

“NO!” Screamed the frightened Night, laying in her bed. She was shivering, sweating, and scared out of her mind. The dream- No, nightmare, was so real...
“Night, sweetie, are you alright?!” Called her mother as she dashed in. As soon as she saw Night’s condition, she wrapped her in an embrace and began shushing her.
“Y-You... Bell... D-Dad... Monsters... Chase... S-Scary.. Bi-”
She was hugged tighter by her mother, who began to sing a soft melody.
“Hush now, quiet now,
it’s time to lay your sleepy head.
Hush now, quiet now,
it’s time to go to bed.
Drift drift, off to sleep,
exciting day behind you.
Drift drift, off to sleep,
the joy of dreamland find you.”
Night fell asleep once more in her mother’s embrace, feeling safe from the monsters that forever plagued her nightmares.
Her mother sighed, and gently laid her daughter down. It was the third nightmare tonight. They all knew the only way to fix it was for her sister to be returned, but no one knew where she was. Entropy always stopped by, but it didn’t help much. He hadn’t been stopping by in the past few days, which could mean that he gave up on th-
“Mom?” Called a voice in the other room. A voice that brought tears to the mother’s eyes.