• Published 27th Jan 2012
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Conflicted Reality - Wayofthepen

During a storm, there is a noise that rocks the whole building...What could it be?

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Chapter 5: Revival

It had been one and a half months before he was let out. The first thing that crossed his mind was what Mateo had said to him. His words replayed in his head. He decided on going to Twilight's first, since the doctors hadn't told them anything. When he got there, he put his ear to the door. "I don't think he made it. The doc's haven't said anything about him. I'm getting worried, Twi." A smile came to his face as he pushed open the door. "Isn't that heartwarming. I knew you always cared." He said to his friend, who now had a shocked expression on his face. Both Mateo and Twilight galloped over to hug him. "Ow! Easy! I'm only bandaged, it still hurts." The three laughed. "I heard what you said. You couldn't lose me even if you tried." Mateo looked at him confused. He dropped it since he was just happy to have his friend back. "Dash has taken it hard. All she's been doing is staying at her home. You should go see her." Scott nodded and made his way out of the library.

Dash wasn't hard to spot since she had fallen asleep outside. He flew down next to her, and she jumped up to her feet. "Did I startle you?" She rubbed her eyes, making sure she heard the voice right. When she could finally see she hugged him. "I thought you weren't one for mushy stuff?" He said hugging her back. The two talked for a long while, until he remembered he needed to do. "Dash, I'll be back soon. There's someone I still need to thank." She nodded, and Scott flew off. It would be night soon, so he knew she would be up.

- - - - - - - - -

Luna had been at her balcony, enjoying the calming serenity of the night. She closed her eyes, and took a deep breath. A knock was heard at the door. "Come in." She said, opening her eyes. "My lady, there is someone who wishes to speak with you." She looked towards the guard. "At this hour? Well, I guess so." She motioned him to fetch the person that wanted to speak with her. He nodded, closed the door, and trotted away. She looked back out into the night. "We need to talk." The voice startled her, as she looked to the left of the balcony. A pegasus blended into the night, except for his red markings. The pony she saved. "I wanted to thank you. You knew I was bait and still came. Why?" She closed her eyes, thinking of how to put it. "A true leader, would do anything to save his or her ponies. No matter the cost. I should be thanking you, for making it easier to turn me back to myself." He smiled towards her, which she returned. "One thing that is still getting at me, is how did Nightmare Moon open the portal?" Luna remained silent for a few minutes. "She didn't." A voice coming from the back of the room said. Both quickly turned to it. Celestia had came in. "We don't know how the doorway opened, or how to open it again. What I said was true, though, wasn't it?" He thought back to when he had let out all his anger. He smirked at Celestia. "You knew that Nightmare Moon was close to returning, but had no way of preventing it. When the portal opened, the only thing you knew is that what would come out would either stop her...Or aid her." Celestia nodded. "Well, let me tell you something. Next time I am not the one getting tortured for your plans to work." He said as he landed on the balcony. "So what happens now?" He asked both of the princesses. They turned to each other, and had grins on their faces. "Well, seeing as we cannot send you back...You will have to live here in Equestria." He tried to control the urge to hug the princess. "Even if we knew how to send you and your friend back, you have had a big impact on everypony here. Now I suggest going home and resting. Who knows what could happen next." He nodded and took off.

Celestia let out a sigh of joy. "Is there going to be trouble soon, big sister?" Luna asked her. Celestia turned to her little princess. "Knowing our lands, there will always be trouble. We have made some new ally's, so we needn't worry. That one would have given up his life to stop Nightmare Moon. Let's just hope he is ready for the next trouble." She looked over to the mountains in the horizon. "Let's just hope..." She repeated in her head, before taking her leave of Luna.

- - - - - - - - -

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Chapter five is shorter than I want it to be, but I hope you all enjoyed the story.

172849 Glad you're liking it. Was fairly easy to write :yay:

173142 Glad you liked it. The sequel is going to have a bit more action, as soon as I master the art of combat writing

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