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Shadowkin, an alicorn, has lived secretly with his twin unicorn sister, Silent Scream, for the last 18 years of their lives. Their parents left them when they were six, forcing Silent to take on a life of crime to keep them fed and in their home. After they reached 16, Shadow convinced her to stop her life of crime and get a regular job. In the present, however, she broke that promise to him. Now she's gotten him exposed, and in prison. How will the always silent alicorn deal with the prisoners and plot his escape? Only time will tell.

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293543 Also helps when you saw this before anyone else.

Wow, that was pretty awesome.

294784 And by you calling me Peny, you gave me an inspiration. Just wait and see...

damn...never call shadowkin penny or you're dead

296169 Thank Muffin (ultrasponge) for that idea.

Extinct? Oh no! :pinkiegasp:

302658 Well there's only two alicorns that are known. Not counting your two or him, since they aren't exactly known to the world.

306323 So basically what you just said was, "The meaning of life is 42."?

306430 Anything can be anything, which means it can also be nothing. Nothing can't be anything, as it is nothing, so nothing is nothing. What took scientists years to still not figure out, I just solved in a matter of minutes.

Now let's see what happens next...

Awwww yeeeaaaaah. ON WIT DA NEXT PART!

Sorry for a... Short chapter. Aimed for 2k, but ran dry. The point got out, though. So... Here.

1395252 Glad you think so. Different take on the Nightmare Moon scenario, also introducing technology... Which is why Celestia is in a bad spot. :trixieshiftright:

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