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Princess Celestia has been worried about the decline of alicorns for some times now; with the help of her sister, she begins a reconstruction project started in a scientific bunker, deep beneath the surface of Equeastria. It's goal, to genetically modify and create new alicorns from already existing DNA or straight from scratch. The program, named the Alicorn Cellular Reproduction Project, suffered many failures early on, but after several attempts, the attempts of the scientists there came to fruition. A successful hybrid of Princess Luna's and Princess Celestia's DNA created the first of a new alicorn breed, Shadowlight. After the first success, the scientists were pressured into creating another. Running out of ideas, the took from the above town of Ponyville one of its residences, Ghost, to become transferred into the project. After her, they didn't stop. Celestia ventured farther than Equestria and pulled a human from his world, successfully altering him. She was still not satisfied, and gave the scientists the order to make an alicorn from scratch. Through many modifications to his genetic structure, Flare was created. He's unstable, powerful, and is forced to remain in the underground 'prison'.

(A/N): Collab with XeRom. (Ghost)

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I have no idea if it is the ACRP refering to this:

452159 I have not heard of that. My friend Lisp suggested something like this, and I asked XeRom to help me with it. I was unaware of this SCP.

... What?

452177 After I submitted, my friend xxsuperduperxx mentioned that things were moving fast or seemed unclear. Intro's are not my thing...

452159 His story, along with mine own, are not based off of any previously made fics and any resemblance to fics completed or in the making are completely coincidental. 452177 What seems to be your debacle my fine sir?

... The whole idea seems... Confusing.

452208 It's a work-in-progress. Things should clear up while it progresses.

For Celestia's sake, I hope it does.

452232 We'll do our best.

Knew it'd get downvoted for being an Alicorn fic... Though I will agree with the confusion people are getting. I might take a look at it later to see if there are a few things I can help with, if you'll let me

452319 That I will. I need all the help I can get :rainbowlaugh:

SPAR- Wait wrong game..


Ok here we go:

I'm not a grammar nazi to language.

But I can tell you one thing:

A tad bit rushed, and I'm not catching on about whats happening.

And is Ghost a girl or boy?

And one more thing.

Jolly good show.

However I can understand hes a Alicorn. he seems a TAD bit OP.

If you catch my drift, I'll keep track of this.

Ghost is Female.

As for him being OP... You'll wait and see if it is just an act.

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