• Published 27th Jan 2012
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Conflicted Reality - Wayofthepen

During a storm, there is a noise that rocks the whole building...What could it be?

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Chapter 4: Not yourself

Scott and Dash were flying over his house when they decided to take a break. "I can get us some drinks, you must be as thirsty as me." He said smiling as he opened the door. "Yeah, I could use something good." Scott walked into the kitchen as Dash looked at some pictures in the hall. She smiled as she looked at the one closest to the door. Them after Nightmare Night last year. "What are you doing here?" Dash quickly trotted into the kitchen to find a hooded figure staring straight at Scott. Scott turned to see Dash watching. "Dash, get Twilight." She was about to protest. "Now Dash!" Suddenly the hooded figure's face was lit up from the magic he was using. They were gone with a flash. She galloped outside and flew to Twilight's.

She flew faster than she had ever before, nearly out of breath when she reached the library. She shoved the door open to find Twilight at the table talking with Mateo. He looked at her with a smile on his face, but it faded when he got a good look at her. "Dash, what's wrong?" She trotted over to the table, and took a seat, too tired to stand. "We landed outside of Scott's house, to get some water after flying all day. He went into the kitchen and I heard him say something. When I went in there, he told me to get Twilight as he was transported somewhere." Twilight looked at her. "What did he look like?" She asked her. "Well, he had a cloak on that reminded me of...Oh no..." She stopped mid-sentence realizing who took Scott. "What, what did he look like?" Mateo asked again, getting really worried. "A Nightmare Moon worshiper took him. I don't know where though." The two looked at her in horror. "I think I have an idea, but Celestia is going to be too busy to help." Rainbow looked disappointed. "Maybe Luna would help. She wants to be rid of Nightmare Moon once and for all. Dash, get the others and the elements. Meet back here once you have everything." Dash nodded, and flew out.

- - - - - - - - -

"Hey! Let me go!" Scott yelled trying to get released from his restraints. "You are going to obey, she demands it." What he said had no effect on his attempts to escape. A purple smoke flowed into the room from the roof down. As it swirled up, Nightmare Moon slowly formed, laughing her evil laugh. "He will do until I can get my old body back." Scott stared in horror as she had fully formed. "But the elements..." She chuckled. "They merely tore me from my host. I needed someone who wasn't from this world. A world of hate, despair, agony...You get the idea." Scott rolled his eyes. "Yes, big deal. You'll get nothing from me." He gave her a smile, knowing that if he was going to go out, he wanted to go in style. "Your just a distraction. Luna will come with your other friends, and I will destroy the elements once and for all. The more pain you feel...The quicker they come. I made sure to let her know what trouble you were in." She laughed once more, but this time filling Scott with fear. "Good job, you doomed yourself. By the way, tell your assistant over there to tie the braces tighter next time." He snapped free, smirking as he took off towards the door. Suddenly he was stopped and in the air. "What the? Whoa!" Nightmare Moon had flung him into a wall, and brought him back over to the table. She put magic restraints on him, ensuring that he wont escape. He had been knocked out, making it all the more easier to be tortured. "Shade, make use of your dagger. I'll await the rest of the ponies." She faded into her purple smoke and disappeared once more.

- - - - - - - - -

"When we get there, don't speak. We don't need to give away our positions." Mateo said to everyone in the chariot. "I have a bad feeling about this place, like...I can't explain it." His speech was cut short by a sharp scream that rang through the air. "My god...What are they doing to him?" His wings began twitching, as did Dash's. "This is unbearable, we're almost to the ground but I can't stay here! I have to help him!" Thought Mateo. "I can't stand this, I'll meet you all in there!" Mateo took off. He flew straight into the main room from a destroyed window. When he got inside, he couldn't help but stare in horror.

"You...Monster!" He shouted, tears filling his eyes, he couldn't take them off his bleeding friend. "Get...Luna out of here..." Scott tried shouting with a dagger in his side. Shade took the dagger out. "Don't worry, she has other plans for this one." Shade said smiling at Mateo. "You, on the other hand don't have a future in her new world order." Mateo gave him a deep, angry glare. "I don't think you'll be speaking like this when the others arrive." Shade began to laugh. "What makes you think that they can stop Nightmare Moon?" Mateo took a step forward. Sounds of beating hooves could be heard from behind. Shade cut off Scott's restraints. "You won't be moving for a while, unless you want an early funeral." He said to him, turning to Mateo. The rest of the cavalry entered the room, each one wearing their element. Luna began charging at Shade, but was stopped by a swirling purple cloud. "Did you miss me Luna?" A voice came from the cloud, as it swept Luna into the air. A tornado now surrounded her, bonding with her. A flash forced everyone to cover their eyes. When they opened them, there was Nightmare Moon. "Now that I have my body back...I am unstoppable."

"You think you can't be touched? You got another thing coming." Shouted Mateo. He looked back towards his friend. He wouldn't last to the next afternoon if this was going to be a long fight. He needs to distract Nightmare Moon, but how? "What makes you think Luna isn't strong enough to fight you?" Nightmare Moon laughed at his remark. "That puny alicorn is nothing but a quiet voice in the back of my head. The real question is how to deal with you." She looked over each one of the ponies. Shade suddenly took a step towards Mateo. "Come a step closer and your going out a window." He readied himself. Shade laughed while holding the dagger in his mouth. He charged towards Mateo. "I warned you!" Mateo dashed forward. They were about to collide when Mateo slide under him, picking him up on his back. He spun around, and flung Shade out of the nearest window. His scream lasted for a few seconds before it ended with a loud slam. He returned his attention back to Nightmare Moon. "He was useless anyway. Not even Celestia could save you." The six ponies behind him now stood next to him. "We need something to hold her still, or we can get her with the elements." Twilight whispered to him. Mateo looked towards his friend, but he wasn't on the table anymore.

Nightmare Moon looked over the seven ponies and laughed again. "My god...Do you ever...Shut up?" Scott yelled as he lunged onto her back. Mustering what little strength he had, he wrapped his forearms around her neck. "Twilight....Now!" He shouted. Mateo stepped back as Twilight and her friends got into position for the blast. Scott was getting flung around like he was riding a bull, so he tightened his grip as best he could. Applejack, Pinkie, Dash, Fluttershy, and Rarity all flew into the air with their necklaces shining. Twilight and her tiara had the same effect, only she closed her eyes. When she opened them, there was nothing but glowing white eyes. The six cast the rainbow of harmony at Nightmare Moon. Time slowed down for Mateo, as he watched his friend get launched from Nightmare Moon's back into a nearby wall. The rainbow once again surrounded Nightmare Moon, who was screaming in defeat as she was once again Princess Luna. They were all cheering, except for Mateo. He trotted over to his friend, still bleeding. A smile shot from his face, but it was one filled with pain. "Good job...I could always...Count on you..." Those were his last words before fading out of consciousness. Luna lifted him onto her back and wrapped his forearms around her neck. "If we hurry, there is a small chance in which he will still be alive. The chance will be small, but it's something to try for." She said, as she began galloping. The others followed quickly behind, all worrying for their bleeding out friend.

- - - - - - - - -

"Where am I?" Scott said, looking around. He was in a place where everything was white. The only thing in the room was a archway with a portal inside it. "You aren't dead, but right now you're not alive either." A voice coming from nowhere said. "Take a look into the portal, and you shall see where you are." Scott did just that, and saw he was in a hospital bed. "There isn't much we can do for him. Even with all the healing Luna and the others are giving him, we can only say that he may or may not live." His friends all had tears in their eyes, especially Mateo. He walked over to Scott's semi-lifeless body, and leaned close to his left ear. "You come back, you hear me? You come back. We've been through to much for you to die now." He backed away and left with the other six ponies. Luna trotted over to the nurse. "Do you really think he'll make it?" She asked her. "I don't think so. His wounds were deep. He is lucky enough as it is to even be in one piece, thanks to you." Luna looked back at Scott's body. "I hope he makes it." Luna said as she faced the nurse.

"Gee...You sound afraid..." Both the nurse and Luna looked towards him. He sat there, showing a painful smile. "What...Didn't think I would...Make it?" He gave a weak chuckle. "Oh my! He's awake!" The nurse shouted, drawing more attention to him. "Awake yes...In pain...Very much..." A nearby doctor injected Morphine into him to take the edge off. "Get some rest. By you being awake, it means your chances of survival are slightly higher. Do you want your friends to be able to see you?" Scott thought for a moment. "If you want me to rest...You shouldn't let them come. I want it to be...A surprise." He shot a smile towards the three around him. "Oh, and Luna. Thank you." She smiled back. "Rest. You'll need it." He nodded, and dozed off. His dreams were finally real dreams, instead of the nightmares that he had before. The only thing that remained for him was to get better.