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Scott and Mateo have always looked after each other. They are sitting at home one day watching TV when a loud bang is heard outside. When they go to investigate, strange things start happening. In Equestria, everything is fine until a similar bang is heard. The citizens of Ponyville are in distress as a multi-colored vortex appears. One thing is on everyone's mind....What is going to happen? (Little bit of blood, nothin like gore though)

A/N: This was a story from Mateo, so you may or may not see the names again, as he is the original guy who brought me in the herd. That, and he is a very close friend.

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The story works, trust me I like the plot. :pinkiesmile: But you need to make some grammar changes to the description, cause you need to present it well for people to read it. :rainbowdetermined2:

164470 Looking back on it I did make some mistakes, thanks man.

but all in all its a very good story considering i know them both in real life- Shade

Chapter five is shorter than I want it to be, but I hope you all enjoyed the story.

I have like 4 chapters to read now :applecry: Why must everyone make chapters every other day? jk I'll read them tomorrow or tonight.

Interesting so far, I will read more.

172849 Glad you're liking it. Was fairly easy to write :yay:

wow....i never cried before.....until that time i got stabbbed but ANYWAY,
you made the uncrieable person cry...you must be a god/goddess

173142 Glad you liked it. The sequel is going to have a bit more action, as soon as I master the art of combat writing

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