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A teenage human boy with a troubled past manages to get into Equestria, but finds out that it's not like the show. Waking up with fur and paws, he has to face many different challenges head on. Even when things are calm, there is always a storm rising somewhere to strike at you.

(A/N): Description is subject to change. Thanks to my friend for the cover art.

A shout-out to Rust, the writer of The Ballad of Echo the Diamond Dog. He inspired me to do my own take on a life as a Diamond Dog.

Another goes out to Brony4ever, for the amazing cross-over.

XeRom, for working with me on over half of my story.
Here is his second story which crosses with mine: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/12500/CSF%3A-Celestian-Special-Forces

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>>Brony4ever To me, that kinda sounds like asking for permission to make a "Human is transported to Equestria and turned into a pony" kind of fic, and we know there are dozens of them around and no one asks anyone if they can write them. Or all the Appledash, Octascratch and what have you shipping - There's even more of those, and no one complains as long as they are somewhat varied.

I like this more than Ballad of Echo by the way. Definitely waiting to see more.

I'm liking this. Waiting for more!

You made a good point,never the less its really good, great introduction. :twilightsheepish:

It's good, theres nothing wrong with it, but..it just feels like a copy of The Ballad of Echo the Diamond Dog.:raritydespair:
Apart from that, it's a good story! I guess you could give credit in description though..

226260 226079 My friend (Who is actually named Lisp on steam, how I met him) suggested this story to me, and we began writing. I admit to have been reading the amazing story that is The Ballad of Echo the Diamond Dog, which is one of 2 reason I am a DD. 1st, I used to be a wolf-furry (minus the yiff). 2nd, he makes it seem so BA. And the credit will be given, I couldn't respond sooner due to the fact of school.

Gave the story credit for helping my decision, but my friend was also yelling at me to be it. (Lisp is a furry/brony, explains why he pushed me into it.)

226070 Glad to see you think so. Site is being crap right now, so forced to write on a Googledoc :facehoof:

Whenever a new character starts talking you make a new paragraph. Typically a single paragraph will be detailing a single character. Well, typically. Anyway, this is interesting enough albeit the blocks of text make it a difficult read. Work on paragraph formatting and this will become a lot more accessible!

228455 Keep forgetting that, still a new writer. :facehoof:

Don't you have pony square or something? :pinkiegasp:

228827 My turn to be the confused one?

229615 I chose to humor him, so I thought he was joking.

229751 Heh, just wait until I end up meeting Bumble, and when he finds out that Octavia was tagged already...

229810 By tagged I mean the pony who tagged her basically said "Don't tank that flank." Bumble...Well, see you in the afterlife...That is if I don't end up in a fight or having to endure Heat with the lot of you.

229830 Eeyup...The way that everypony that is female acts around Bumble, I'd bet another wave of Heat is coming. I plan on gaining a weapon as soon as I develop a mastery of my claws.

229851 The claws come from my...Guess DD's have fingertips :rainbowhuh:

229873 Pfft, that whiny mare? Wonder if anyone would be mad if I 'accidentally' cut a rope during a concert, dropping something onto her...

230220 Just wait till the next chapter. Need Brony4ever to talk with me so I can get some basic ideas together for the next chapter.

230515 Right now it's a little bit of both. Just wait a bit for a twist.

232768 Lisp is...Odd. He does what he wants and gets away with it. Just keep waiting for the next chapter to find out my payback.

232821 You make me :facehoof: so hard sometimes. Then I laugh about it, and then I :facehoof: harder.

As much as I still really like this story, that drawing... Something is really, REALLY off in it. It might scare people away from reading I think.

235219 Heh, my friend isn't exactly the best artist, but she took the time to do it. Which was two days, so I won't complain. Let me know what exactly is off in it and I could try to modify it.

Sorry for it being a little short, but I do have to work with what my good friend Brony4ever has.

239439 Just wait for more...

Ahaha...I love games, even if Rainbow dash is dead...or is she? :pinkiecrazy:

244954 You haven't read anything yet...:pinkiecrazy:

246522 He guessed that's what it was

250622 Well, if you want an action packed take on some of this (Most of it's to the exact storyline, but XeRom enhanced it.) read this.

XeRom's take

Trust me, this is boss. :rainbowdetermined2:

Who is Bumble? And what evil side? :rainbowhuh:

251998 Read the story under your account called Another Chance, it will clear it up.

I like it. :raritywink:


And, it should be noted, that everyone here is copying someone else's idea when they write fanfiction. You can't really copy what's already copied, can you? It's like... "copyception."


255762 Wow, now I know how Noakwolf felt. It always helps when you crossover with a special forces fanfiction :rainbowlaugh:

Every post is a repost of a repost.
Also cool Special Forces fanfic guy right here. <<

:eeyup: Shameless advertising.

256100 Yes, the almighty CSF shall not be unforgotten for their part in this story...But watch out for what happens next, will leave even the princess confused....:pinkiecrazy:

Hmm, intresting.
The great and powerful first?

258869 Sadly, due to the story being cancelled, XeRom and I decided that Bumble met the same end. Read CSF: Celestian Special Forces for what happened.

259124 Disappeared. Meaning Bumble may or may not appear. If I decide to bring Bumble back, I know EXACTLY how to do it. :twilightsmile:

259174 Hey, there are plenty of things Zin missed out on that Spade clears up. I actually talking to XeRom about Bumble in the next few minutes, as he went AFK as I posted this comment.

259216 Fine, but you are the one missing action.

259712 We have been discussing on ways to BRING BUMBLE BACK. AKA, not going to let a char with that history go that easily. Brony was my friend too.

270398 You can't, but I can.

270584 Why would you want magic when you have that?

270589 Hmm, hard to say where I am when I teleportaled away. Now if you excuse me, I have to plan my revenge on the Rainbow Factory. I blame them for Bumble's disappearance.

270596 Now, that's offensive. Ever heard of a spell that stops tracking? Maybe I shouldn't have spent so much time with Twilight, I am becoming an egghead :rainbowderp:

270619 Oh really? I just teleportaled again. Are you confuzzled?

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