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Writer, singer, dancer, voice actor, gamer, and all around... An alright guy.

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Sonata Dusk, Aria Blaze and Adagio Dazzle caused insane trouble for the counterparts of our Pony pals, but there's just one question that was never really answered about them... Where exactly did they go after the Rainbooms defeated them?

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Hello everyone! My name is... Well, I go by many names. Misfortune, Insanity, Madness, but many of you probably know me as Discord. I would like to show you that I have genuinely changed by bringing you on a trip through a day of my new life here, in my new home in Ponyville.

A/N: I've been dying to write a story about Discord and then, I got this idea. Hilarity ensues.

~CloudCrusher Signing Off!~

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Where did Vinyl Scratch's shades come from? How did she meet her best friend Octavia? What ever happened to Vinyl's family? Hopefully this story will answer it all.

Okay, this story contains minor incest, and at the end has kind of a twist I just threw in there. Sorry if its not to everyone's liking.

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Everything in Ponyville was great, until a dragon falls from the sky. While everyone is afraid and runs away from this dragon, a timid pegasus will find out that he is different from the others... in a better way than she could imagine.

The gore tag is just an in case kinda thing. And just in case you guys worry for your favorite little Pegasus, she won't get hurt. She's my favorite too. Thanx and cya

AN: I changed the title cause it just seemed to pop into my head and I was like "YEAH!!!" So yeah, hope you enjoy.

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