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705955 Haha, thanks, I noticed that one, too, when EQD posted the story last night. Suffice to say, I'm not the one who made that quote, I'm pretty sure the "Cypher" saying that is a character in (or will be a character) in Chromosome's story. I don't read stories marked "incomplete," but a lot of people (including a number of famous ones) consider Chromosome quite the writer, so diving into it probably wouldn't be a bad choice! Thank for the heads-up all the same, seeing that threw me for a loop for a bout a minute :-)

"We live in what we believe is a shell, a closed sphere where all is constant. As physics would have it, nothing in the universe is unique, nothing is wasted or destroyed: it is repurposed. But now I prove them wrong. With a single idea, I realize that we are not so insignificant as we think. We are not slaves to destiny and existence. We are the ashes of gods, the fruits of eternity, the products of choice and fate. We are not meaningless. This universe is not our prison.
This is our empire."
- Excerpt from A Lexicon of Impossibilities, by Cypher

Thanks a bunch for faving Somepony Else's Story! :twilightsmile:

Thank you so much for the Fave of Certain Advantages! I greatly appreciate it!:twilightsmile:

Yeah, that's right, I just got one watcher! I'm on my way to bein' a star. The world is mine, I can do anything, bwaahahaha!

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