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In all of Hitch's many years, one constant has held true for Winter Wishday: it was always at grandmother Figgy's house, just the way she liked it. Well, not this year! This year she insisted that she wanted to see what Wishday would be like in Maretime Bay. At Hitch's place.

Which means Hitch and Sparky need to get all of Maretime Bay ready to hold to best, most perfectly-planned Winter Wishday ever!

Hopefully nothing will go wrong.

Please let nothing go wrong!

Additional tag: [Sparky Sparkeroni]

Written for Vivid Syntax for Jinglemas 2022!

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Super Gypsy Lord Admiral Nyronus Shachza Shouldnt Write Shipfics, Volume II

Once upon a time in a universe far, far away, two or three or five or some nonzero quantity of magic diminutive horses came together and fell in love and then unfortunately produced offspring who chronicled the way in which their parents met.

This is their story.

Trigger warnings: A Bronycon Collaborative fiction between Admiral Biscuit, TheGypsyBard, Lord Legion, Nyronus, Shachza, and Super Trampoline. We're not sorry.

Chapters (4)

Fleur Lumineuse, daughter of Fancy Pants and Fleur de Lis, has made a mistake. A serious one. She never intended so much harm but, even with her eyes now open, can she make amends?

Sometimes, what a pony really needs is somepony else to reach out to them.

AShadowOfCygnus did an amazing Audio Recording of the story!
Rated "Highly Recommended" by PresentPerfect's Fic Reviews!
Also recommended by one of my own favorite authors: Crystal Wishes
Good heavens, this made it into The Royal Canterlot Library?!

Chapters (1)

Mort runs afoul of a crazy pony. Things won't ever be the same.

A crazy little idea written in homage of Mort Takes a Holiday done with AnonymousMaterials' blessing.

It's canon-ness is entirely up to AnonymousMaterials.

Chapters (1)

Alicorns. The epitome of ponykind. Living symbols of Equestria's might. Masters of all that they survey. It is they who keep Equestria safe from all that would destroy it.

But when the Alicorns declare war on each other, who will protect Equestria? What can ordinary ponies do to save the land they love?

Chapters (2)