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Taking the suggestion from his childhood friend Anon decided to go to a place called

"Armies, pet store"

To get a new pet that his friend kept suggesting; so he drove over there to see what kinds of puppies or cats he’d like to take home with him. Suddenly, as he walked by all the dog kennels he spot something in the corner of his eye and whatever it is... it was no dog? No. It was a 3 foot tall unicorn mare.

Where did it come from is unknown—but How will the bond work between him and this unknown beauty?

A/N: This is a rework of the story that got so much love from you guys. There will be a bit of changes within the chapters so heads up on that. Enjoy!

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Izuku, Bakugou, and Todoroki were on the hunt of bringing in a villain. As they were on his tail they were not prepared for what he had led them into. Izuku and his friends soon find themselves no longer in their world but in an oddly new, magical, world inhabited by ponies. On the way they meet new friends, new allies, and villains they’ve never faced before. Now it is up to them to save Equestria from the new villain’s they’ll have to face, break themselves to the absolute limit and go beyond: Plus Ultra!

An MLP/BNHA Crossover

A/N: I am without a doubt, a HUGE fan of My Hero academia! This will be my first time ever writing a story of one while crossovering it to my new fav show MLPFiM. Spoiler: The elements from this story sets after the Endeavor Agency arc; and before the War arc that is slowly approaching. If you guys haven’t catch up to the chapters of the Manga, do not and I repeat DO. NOT. Read this story!

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