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I will try to be a fun person, but will always act professionaly with my work. You will find me all over the internet, and I try to look at all the sides and act resonable on the internet.


Eclipse was a simple mare. Do work, get payed, live. She grew up having to take care of herself, and her only friend was Nightbeam, her doll she has had forever. She soon traveled to Ponyville to do work during the new summer sun celebration, and she will soon wish she hasn't. There, Nightmare Moon arose and Eclipse then found 5 strange mares who went to stop her. She followed them and soon was forced to be stuck with all the adventures and 'friendship' that she could handle.

Join Eclipse and the Mane 6 as they go on adventures, stop villains, and try to have a good time. If only she could feel happy and joy.

Cover Art by: opalescentconfetti

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I used to live in the old world, doing any sort of job or anything that came my way. Then the invasion happened, and I went into a coma. I woke up into this new world, and now I must survive, just like I have always done. We will survive and prevail, after all, not having emotions helps with that. I am also not alone, and my voices will guide me to this new world.

Dark themes ahead!
Audio Reading by Gumball2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ANbzB108__s

If this gets enough likes and attention, I may continue it along with my other stories! However, for now, its a one shot.

This story was written for Aeluna's art giveaway contest and is based on her story, The Pastromorbo Epidemic . Be sure to check her out!

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While Twilight Sparkle was trying spells found in an old book on chaos magic she is sucked into a vortex the spat her out somewhere she knew nothing about. The world of NCIS.

She meets a team of criminal investigators who learn about who she is, and now she is forced to put her trust into them.

Now, with her new friends, she must find a way home while solving crimes, murders, and enduring all the DiNozzo jokes she can handle all the while hiding her true identity from the others.

Can she keep from getting captured, shot, or going insane long enough to get home, or will her time with the NCIS team be the end of her journey, permanently.

Cowritten project by Me, Rainboom, and Draco.
This was Draco's idea and I learned about it through a art request!

Cover art was made partly by me, but will be changed in the future!

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I somehow ended up in the past. I'm not sure how far back I am, but I do know this was even before Celestia. This is much less peaceful and kind then back home, and I will have to be careful. This is much different then I thought, and I will have to survive this Equestria if I want to get home alive. Maybe Celestia can get me back to the right time. This doesn't even look like Equestria, I wonder how far I went back. I need to keep my identity as an alicorn hidden for now, and see what this world is like.

Cover art was from: zoarvek. I did a few edits on it.

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Eclipse, a freelance Necromancer, Hot Shot, a retired wandering day guard, and Crescent Blade, a bat-pony night guard, get caught up in a cult's plan after a small mix up in a bar. They don't trust the cult, but help them on their goals. As they start to do more missions, and spend time with more friends, they slowly learn about the cult's true goals. They decide to fight the cult but what happens when friendship get’s in the way? Join the three unlikely heroes as they meet new allies, follow the cult's plan and learn about the cult's true goals. That is, if they can actually get along with one another.

This is a major group collab done by the Advertisements group.
Thanks to:
For coming up with the idea of having a collab:
The Corn
Kamen writer Nocturnis
For helping to advertise the collab:
The Corn
Thunderbolt Sentinel
Kamen writer Nocturnis
The Corn
Jarvy Jared
Dillon S
Thunderbolt Sentinel
For creating the canon character poll:
For judging the OC contest:
Magical Shield
OC's used and their owners (some still yet to be used):
Eclipse - Typervader
Crescent Blade - Kamen writer Nocturnis
Hot Shot - Darth_Pinkie
Cactus Jack - Caiustheshadowpony
Thunderbolt Sentinel- Thunderbolt Sentinel
Silver Screen - Hudson Hawk
Pea Gravel - Barnside
Val - Maskinos
Bleu Celeste (Blue) - Aeluna
Crescent Quartz - SilverBlaze0ne

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