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The show is so many different kinds of amazing, and the fandom is even better! Bronies FTW!

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What's Going On? · 1:09pm Mar 18th, 2015

Hey guys, just putting up this post to see how you all have been recently. I've been pretty good, stories are in progress, sequels are happening soon-ish, school is finally winding down. So what's been up with you amazing peoples and ponies and shtuff?

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Are you still alive or something?Sorry just had to ask its just your most recent update was in 2016.:twilightsmile:


Ok, I'm happy you're on it ^^
Sequels you said? Are they involving a certain blue mare and a stallion of another blue? :rainbowkiss:

1389513 Hey Doubtful, I'm sorry I haven't been updating, school has been getting crazy...:pinkiecrazy: Also my computer has been on the fritz so that's annoying. But I can say that I should at least have the next chapter of The Brothers Grimm and Andersen up within the next couple of days. My main problem with stories I've already completed is getting cover art. I may be able to write, but my drawings make stick figures look like the Sistene Chapel. Thanks a lot for your comments on my stories, I really appreciate the support. :twilightsmile:

(P.S. Seeeequeeeels in progress :trixieshiftright:)

Hello Cursory!
Anything planned? I'm looking forward to reading more of your work :pinkiecrazy:

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