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As they ponies of Equestria are doing most of their normal routines they are met by the ones called Creepypastas, will these Creepypasta just start killing as they always do or will some change and make some new friends?

Spoiler Alert: These chapters will be one or two ponies per Creepypasta or two.

Chapters (9)

A new student comes to Duel Academy and his name is Christopher Lancer. He is also the duelist that has the most rare cards in all of Duel Monsters. How will he fair against some of the best Duelists in Duel Academy?

(Author's Note: Okay first off: the Mlp characters and locations will be the cards that this guy holds. This is also on my Deviantart journals... My DA page This link shall take you to my Deviantart page. And all the cards that come up in the chapters were made by me.)

Chapters (19)

When the player returns to the inventory for another night of Texas hold 'em, he is met by not just some familiar faces from the last time he was here, but new faces have come to play as well. Will he win this night like the last nights he was at the inventory or will he lose this time?

Chapters (6)
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