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When the player returns to the inventory for another night of Texas hold 'em, he is met by not just some familiar faces from the last time he was here, but new faces have come to play as well. Will he win this night like the last nights he was at the inventory or will he lose this time?

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Could've used a wholly different set of characters rather than the one's from previous entries, like they did in the actual games. Might be hard to come up with the funny one's, but if we also add internet personalities to the mix, might be easier. (Tycho arguably wasn't really a game character) :eeyup:

Duke Nukem:"C'moon! I am able to slaughter ludicrous amounts of alien scum, yet a predator like can't outsmart an airheaded herbivore!"

Total Biscuit: "I obviously bet on a wrong horse! Which in this case was no horse!"

Larry Laffer: "I do not know which one is worse! The fact I lost, or the mare which defeated me has such... *shigh*... beautiful flanks."

Just couple of examples I managed to come up with.

2986335 Well, Demoman wasn't in the first one, that was Heavy. And Master Chief was in there taking the player to the Inventory, not Skunk Ape this time.

I'm sorry, I want to like this, :facehoof: but this is terrible, disliked.

2986335 Also If your going to write a story about poker night, try to come up with original lines instead of just making minor changes to or outright copying the lines from poker night 2 or poker night 1

You only slightly altered the intro from poker night 2. At least don't have the same exact quotes from the second game happen with different people saying them, or the same people saying the same thing.

Get original lines please.

2988643 well that's a good thing.

2988655 but I'll see what I can do for now.

This is all the fun of poker night at the inventory without the poker or the fun.:rainbowwild:

3003840 I'll take that as a complement. :ajbemused:

This keeps getting more and more interesting!

Comment posted by Ngage953 deleted Aug 8th, 2013

The story is getting better.

I think that story ended a little too quickly, but I don't see how you could've continued the story with just Rainbow Dash and Demoman.

3043629 On one hand you maybe right, but on the other hand that's all I've completely got for this, but I'll make a part 2 sequel to this story.

For what it is, it's almost all it could be- which, I admit, isn't much. But it's not terrible, and the conversation has some hints of the game that inspired it.

However, I feel a bit confused after reading. Why would players turn their hole cards face up before the flop if they're not ALL all-in? How can you have a side pot begun when there are only two players still in the betting? The game play description seems plenty shaky to me.

3259212 It's okay if you get confused with my story.

*wielding the sword I was won* Groovy. :ajsmug:

4235734 Thanks, but I need your help on what I should do for next chapter. Should I do a TF2 theme table unlock or should I do another bounty challenge? :applejackunsure:

Ooooo loot I remember this being my fav parts at poker night made it so much fun

I don't care if its only slightly altered I LOVE poker night 1 and 2 and I am so reading this. :raritystarry:

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