• Published 17th May 2013
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Heads?... Or Tails? - xenobrony

The Lutece's Explore the Land of Equestria while encountering new friends and old ones. There will be spoilers for the game.

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A New Doorway

Twilight was up and walking around Ponyville, and was going around the market when she was suddenly stopped by two ponies. One of them was a stallion with a coat that had a light brown coat and orange mane and tail as well as a suit that seemed like it belonged to a noble from Canterlot that was only slightly lighter than his coat, and obscured his cutie mark. The other was a mare who looked almost exactly like the stallion with the same colors. The only difference being that aside from the top she was also wearing a dark skirt that reached down to her hind hooves.

Suddenly the mare asked her the one of the strangest questions Twilight has ever heard, "Heads or Tails?"

She was surprised by the question when the stallion repeated, "Heads or Tails?".

She eventually recovered and answered, "Heads."

The mare then levitated a coin and then tossed it in the air' and it landed on a plate. The mare spoke and said, "Heads."

The stallion than levitated a chalkboard and put a mark. He said, "Well looks like we still have a constant."

The mare responded by saying, "Why of course. It's like this the other times we've done this."

"True but it never does seem satisfying enough."

"That's because dear brother, we have done this up to the point where I have finally realized it as a constant."

Twilight finally spoke up and decided to ask them, "Who are you two?"

The mare answered her by saying, "We are where we're needed..."

The stallion also answered her with, "And We're needed where we are."

Twilight was about to ask more Questions when she suddenly heard a loud noise that turned out to be an accident caused by the delivery pegasi as usual. When Twilight turned around, she found out that the duo she was talking to suddenly disappeared. She ruled out the possibility of teleportation since there was no flash of light that usually comes from teleportation spells.

Robert and Rosalind Lutece had arrived at a building that had a sign that Said Carousel Boutique. They walked in and saw that the inside of the building seemed to belong to a fashion designer who seemed a bit obsessive with their passion for fashion. The decided to look around when they suddenly greeted by a white mare with a curled purple mane and a cutie mark in the shape of three diamonds. She spoke saying, "Welcome to Carousel Boutique, where everything chic, unique, and magnifique! My name is Rarity,and how may I help you two?

Rosalind asked her, "We are only curious if you could tell us if there is a place where we can stay for several days."

Rarity answered her saying, "There are a few inns in town but I could let you stay here with my sister Sweetie Belle and I for a day or two."

Robert replied to her offer saying, "I would like to thank you for the offer. By the way I am surprised with how dedicated you are with your work. To be honest though, I never have seen someone with this level of determination with a few exceptions."

Rarity decided to Take it as a compliment as well as saying, "Why thank you for the compliment. And may I ask what you two are doing out here in Ponyville?"

Rosalind spoke up this time answering, "My brother Robert and I are here to rest for a bit before heading to the Grand Galloping Gala."

Rarity suddenly gave an overly dramatic gasp almost screaming, "YOU TWO ARE ATTENDING THE GRAND GALLOPING GALA!?"

Robert gave her an answer of, "Yes. We are, and before you ask what we were invited for, we were invited for a few discoveries we made as far as teleportation goes. If you would like to know some more-"

"We would be glad to give you the basics of how it works," Rosalind finished.

Rarity thought the question over a bit before deciding on an answer, "No but my friend Twilight may be interested in this."

"Well," Robert began, "we were planning on looking around the town, but-"

"You could help us with that and introduce us to your friends," Rosalind finished.

Rarity had taken the two out and decided to show them around Ponyville. She had managed to show them most of the town. before arriving at the library. Just before entering the twins turned to her and Rosalind said, "We would like to thank you for showing us here."

"And my sister and I will meet you back at your home later," Robert finished. Rarity gave a nod, and when she looked up she saw that the duo had just vanished. Rarity took it that they were already inside. She felt somewhat offended that they left before she could respond, but shrugged it off to prepare for the Gala.

As the Luteces entered the library they saw Twilight talking to her assistant Spike. She was in the middle of organizing books before she noticed something odd in her house. Somepony somehow brought an piano into her house.

Without her noticing...

And it was bigger than the door...

Before Twilight could begin to question how it happened, she was wiping her eyes convinced she was just seeing things. When she looked back up she saw that the organ was still there. There was also a difference in the last three seconds. Twilight saw a familiar duo in front of it with the stallion getting ready to play. She just noticed that they seemed to be arguing about something.

She heard the mare say almost condescendingly, "If you're going to play the madman's masterpiece, than you might as well check the notes."

The stallion gave his reply seemingly ignoring the mare's tone with, "True but than again he's not here so we aren't the big a risk compared to his students and... Ah! I think I have it.

Just as the stallion finished, she heard the song he was playing. She had to admit it sounded good.

While she was listening, the mare broke the silence saying, "Well, if you're going to stare we will not continue to be here."

Author's Note:

Well here is the first chapter of the story. I hope you all liked it, and I'm also considering adding characters from Infinite and maybe the other games.

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NO NOOOO not those two.:raritycry: They made my brain hurt with all of there questions in that game..........................I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!:pinkiehappy:

You sir, have my attention

Robert: The same coin.
Rosalind: A different perspective.
Robert: Heads.
Rosalind: Tails.
Robert: Dead.
Rosalind: Alive.

I always loved how they completed each others sentences all the time.

Come on please continue this :fluttercry: .

2746051 Don't worry all it is is a minor case of serious writer's block

Take it a little slower, expand the dialogue in detail, otherwise an excellent piece. Keep up the good work, and show me MOAR

A good idea is to kill off someone important, and then to use the dead, or alive question on Twilight.

Mind @#!@ all of the ponies I bet :pinkiecrazy:

3345552 sorry. was really distracted. currently working.

3581537 That's okay, just as long as it isn't dead.
You played Infinite's Burial at Sea: episode 1 yet?

3582636yeah and it seems like they're going to make a tradition out of confusing endings

3582817 Seems like it. I kinda figured it was the Comstock persona the second I saw booker shouting to give back his daughter with the alley BEHIND him.

interesting so far can't what to read more:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

I think they look quite good as ponies, or is it just me?

It pleases me. :unsuresweetie:

Update it or I will throw a Dalek at you.

It's been two years... Still waiting.

As nonsensical and sadly brief as they are in the game.

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