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Forever. A word that holds meaning. A word that holds promise. Forever. That was the word Vinyl whispered to Octavia as she went on tour. Octavia knew Vinyl would return. After all, Vinyl was her forever. But the months go on and Vinyl's calls become fewer. Her texts start everyday and become once or twice on the weekends. Octavia's forever is fading. But Vinyl will come back. She has to come back. Why wouldn't she come back? She had promised a forever. Forever was forever, but promises can always be broken

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seeing alot of ship-fics about Octavia-Vinyl makes this tory really bad, by no means is it bad though, and i know that, just a thing my brain does. again, it is a good fic, i just dont like it because of what i hve been reading lately.

at least it's not another whiskey lullaby story. my only complaint is that yours doesn't seem to go anywhere else, just stops after Octavia learns what she was hoping to never find out. does she have a mental breakdown, does she come after Vinyl with death in her heart? will Lyra and Bon Bon ever get their filly to sleep with that giraffe toy? so many unanswered questions!

but if you're finished with this story, it still doesn't feel complete. I dunno, maybe some aftermath or perhaps musings from Vinyl's POV. that'd probably make for a good sequel, and you can still write a sad story with Vinyl in 1st pony.

Hrm, cover art src url is broken. Here: http://fav.me/d4qyiiz

Ohhhh. Right in the feels man. This shouldn't even be labeled romance... just sad.

I think, even as a guy, I have the right to say this. I wanna go eat a tub of ice cream because if you! Holy shit! In all my fics, Vinyl has been painted in a good light. You just made her a soulless bitch, and I loved it! Please continue. I really want to see more of this.

Oh the feels. My heart hurts.:fluttercry:

I liked it although to be honest I usually read the more darker fics which in a case like this would have Octavia getting 'even' in some way, but it is actually a pretty good story:pinkiesmile:

I would definitely read a sequel, but I would hope for some kind of redemption for Octavia either by finding somepony else or getting revenge.:rainbowdetermined2:

Great Story! :pinkiehappy:

THE FEEeeels!!! This is a very differently portrayed Vinyl, I must see more. Please continue this, my heart might break even more if it ends like this.

I enjoyed it and I think you should continue!! I was saddened for Octy, but it was well done!

>thansk so much. I am planning a sequel right now, though it will take a while to write (this one took over a month) I wrote this because at least 95% of octascratch break up fics, its Octavia who leaves vinyl, I thought it might be a good chance to potray octy's feelings if it was the other way around :raritywink:

your comment made my day btw :scootangel:

Welp, time to change my account name to VinylScratchSucks if I wasn't on my iPod I would have a fluttershy frowny face

SEQUEL NAO!!!! :flutterrage: pleaseifyouwouldntmind kthxbai:fluttershysad:

BTW if you couldn't tell... I LOVED IT!:yay::heart:

so, did u like the fanfiction? XD

im sorry for making vinyl like that. but ive read so many fics were octy left vinyl, i thought a switch was in order :twilightsmile:

Vinyl... You...You...BITCH! I'm sorry. I shouldn't have read this. Amazing and all, but way too sad. Poor Octavia.:fluttercry::raritycry::twilightangry2:

I... I don't know. Making a sequel would ruin the effect, but, make meh happyz:pinkiehappy: Your choice, bro. But all in all, amazing. True genius.

This was one of the only sad fics that had that heavy "You're supposed to be sad" feeling, if that makes sense. WOW that was deep. Great story!

Ah god... my heart... its tearing at the seams... :applecry:

In all seriousness, it was a really, really, really good fic. I loved the way you made Vinyl appear in this. It really seemed like she was forgetting about Octavia. My only complaint is a few grammar and spelling errors that my OCD mind shoved in my tear stained face. Otherwise, loved it from beginning to end.

I think I need to go find some chocolate now... :fluttercry:

Honestly, I didn't like it, but that's because I just don't like sad endings. Concept wise, it was a good story, but I can't really imagine Vinyl doing that to Octavia. :fluttercry:
And though I will be hoping for a happy ending, I am intrigued to see what you do with a sequel.

THE FEELS FOR MY FAV PONY :fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry:

I just...... I don't......

DAMMIT I HATE YOU MAN! I'm practically crying...

But the story is so good.....

Either way, have a favorite, a thumbs up, and revel in the knowledge you've mad another brony cry.... :applecry:

Hate you. But only temporarily

SAD SEQUEL :flutterrage:

Don't worry, you will get one. Just as sad and heart breaking without a happy ending (sorry) but this time from vinyl's point of view, so she wont seem like a total ass :twilightsmile:

Buh duh th... THAT'S NOT FAIR! :fluttercry:

Vinyl deserves a fucking bitch slap, with a chair. One of the.saddest OctiScratch I read.

MAKE A SEQUAL! this got me good. just let vinyl remember her times. PLEASE!

3458252 And please make it have a good ending with vinyl and octavia together. It hurts me to see them apart. This story was sad enough. No reason for the next to be sadder. Just please god make it a happy ending!

oh man you really know how to hit the spot. (slowly claps) Excellent read, not everything is a happy ending but this was to extreme even for me.

Please write a sequel!


Im devastated

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