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When Octavia and Vinyl Scratch are paired up to write a song to represent the school in eqestria's annuel music competion, both sides clash. Octavia wants something elegent and classical. Vinyl wants her crazy up beat wubs. The pair can't stop fighting with each other. But will this contest bring them closer? And maybe... just maybe help the two mares discover their true feelings for eachother?

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Now for the real comment, Apple sause!

And this is complete?

This seem to be good, but surely is complete?
I hope you continue this story.

A very pissed off Vinyl Scratch appered along with a like and a fav from me!please more soon

No critique needed here. Just more is asked for, please.

what, so vinyl beat the sh*t out of octavia? add more chapters, man!

and why is this complete?

Recently I got hooked on the TaviScratch,

So I highly approve, unfortunatly I am at work, So I will have to read it later.

I highly doubt that this is Complete. Perhaps you accidentaly marked it as such?

Anyway, it's a good story and I would like to see more. :twilightsmile:

1576367no, i swear i didn't put it as complete, if it says that i'll go and fix it right now, thanks :twilightsmile:


I am going to edit for you.

I will not take no for a answer :twilightangry2:, I will respect your writting talent, but I will not let you ruin your well crafted fic with simple, and painful, grammatical errors.

Actually I will take no for a answer. It's your fic do what you want but please, even if it's not me, get a editor.

Let me know if you want me-
-to edit your fic.

From the description, I like where this is going. Don't have time to read now, but DEFINITELY will read later.

Later as in a few minutes later! I like this one... I like this one a lot.

Good show! Jolly good show!

thanks, im sorry... im terrible with grammer :fluttercry:

how will you edit this? do i need your email to send it to you or something?

Nice start! I'll be waiting for more. :twilightsmile:

Dammit, i need to know what happens here.:pinkiegasp:

Hmm, seems interesting. A little to early for an in-depth review but still worthy of following.

let's see how this goes.... even if I think canon eye color for vinyl is crap dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_Vinyl2.png

I really wouldn't mind if you were to continue this story...

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