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In a world where pony kinds are separated, being an earth pony in a unicorn colony is an impossibility. Dream Magic lives through each day being taunted and teased because she can't do magic like everypony else. All she wants is a horn. Then maybe she would be accepted. If she had a horn, then everypony would be able to see her magic: the magic within.

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Hmm, looks like this is shaping up to be interesting. The writing has a nice flow and the story idea's a nice one. All around, well done so far.

Tch, that Shimmer has no loyalty. She's lucky Dream's so nice. If ya need more OC's I've got one that I'm never gonna use.
He's a unicorn by the name of Charm
His coat is a rusty red-brown while his mane and tail are gold and messy looking.
His eyes are orange.
His cutie mark is a swirled rune with a slash through it. It signifies his talent in magical charms and enchantments.
I never really gave him a personality so just do what ya want with him.

Nice work. Just got around to checking this story out. So far it is good.

Nice work. It's very good so far.

I like this group. It kinda reminds me of my circle of friends.

Found the chapter really good. Wish the chapters came out sooner but what can you do. Anyway keep it up.


They will come out sooner, im hoping to have out a couple chapters a week :heart:

just be patient, working on the next update now :twilightsmile:

Not matter what she says to defend herself Shimmer's still very much in the wrong. Hopefully she'll see that for herself. Well, at least Dream's got more friends now.

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