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Frie-n-emy - Guy Balkur

A surviving Spartan from reach and a Sangheili Hereitic are transported to Equstria after overloading the slip space drive on a covenant Super Carrier

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Chp 1: Spartan 027

//055 hours after the destruction of reach//

// Personal cabin of The Captain//

// Aboard the Genesis//

The sizzling sound of a cryo tube is heard from inside the captain's private quaters. The door of the tube slides up and out comes a crumpled body falling to the floor. The body readies itself as it hits the ground, but has trouble in doing so. The right arm and leg seem to be absent from its body. The aging man rolls to his left, trying to get a good look at his surroundings with his one good eye. He feels something warm touch his skin, banishing the cold from his body. He looks up and see's a bluried young woman, trying to speak to him. The voice comes in muted, but soon becomes much more clear as her deep hazel eyes beamed out of her smooth dark skin.

“Sir! Are you alright?"

“I’m fine,” Said the handicapped Captain.

“Please, grab my... *Cough* synthetic limbs,”

The assistant hurriedly grabbed the robotic looking arm, sitting adjacent to the cryo tube from which the Captain came from. Bending down, she cupped the arm next to the stubby right shoulder of the Captain. The end of the robot arm sprouted out miniature wires that quickly grabbed into the muscle nerves connecting to the rest of his body. Making him cough a series of grunts and moans of pain, as the arm made its final connecting points to his neural network.

“You know, lieutenant, *cough* Maybe you're right, maybe I should leave it attached when I go into cryo sleep,” smiled the Captain.

“You do, what you think is best sir. After all you are the Captain.” Compiled the lieutenant.

“Oh don’t be such an ass and get my leg,” chuckled the Captain.

The lieutenant walked back over to the table and grabbed the odd looking component. The Captain laid his back against the base of the tube, lifting his stubby quadricep up when the lieutenant came back with his leg.

“So, what’s new?” The Captain asked.

“Oh, you know." She started. "Covenant killing us here and there, still haven’t found a sufficient way of retaliating back to save Mankind, same old song and dance.” answered the Lieutenant sadistically.

“Oh wow, really? I had no idea, It’s not like I’m a Captain of a certain goddamn military branch or something, where I've spent 20 years of my life trying to contribute any sort of- DAMMIT!!!” he cried out, as the limb reconnected back into the base of his spinal column.

“Sir, are you-”

“Finish that sentence, and I’m demoting you to Private ass third class,”

“Sir, there’s no such thing,”

“That won’t stop me from calling you that.”

The lieutenant looked at the Captain rather musingly, a smirk formed on her face, then followed by a laugh. They both laughed for a minute or so as the Captain dressed himself. He wobbled a bit, getting back into the blank nerves that supported his weight. He straightened his uniform after he adjusted his badge and eypatch.

“So why the rushed paced?” the Captain asked, after a sadisfying whip of the band around his head.

“Well, the admirals on board have a debriefing soon. We managed to escape from Reach, but there’s a covenant Super Carrier tracking us" She sighed morbidly before contiuning. "Alos there’s this off chance I can get this cute looking officer to have dinner with me sometime.”

The Captain stared blankly at the Lieutenant, seeing the fear in the young womman’s eyes.

“Wow, that’s just too much to take in,”

The Lieutenant’s face turned into a understanding acknowledgmeant of there situation. She lowered her head, as if accepting defeat already.

“I mean somebody on board wants to have dinner with you? I can’t imagine anybody putting up with your bullshit.” The Captain looked back at her, with a smile under his bushy mustache. He went back over to his desk and sat down. Reaching for another stool, he pushed to towards her, motioning her to sit with him. The Lieutenant let out a sigh of relief as she sat next to the Captain.
Both stared into the wall for a time, enjoying the time they had to pretend that they had no responsibilities. To just to stare into that blankness, felt like having an ice cold drink right after a hot afternoon in the middle of June.

“Sir, putting aside humor for a bit, what do you honestly think we should do?” The Captain looked at the Lieutenant as his face turned back into its professional mindset as he wobbled onto his feet as his leg and arm adjusted into their proper function.

“What we always do, kick ass and chew bubble gum.” The Captain said proudly. "And I heard we just ran out of provisions for gum." The Lieutenant rolled his eyes as she too got back to her feat.

“Alright then, here are the files for the debriefing, I will see you as soon as it ends.”

She pulled out a tablet with the records already opened.

“Anything else, Sir,” She said with a salute and military pose.

The Captain looked down at the files in his one realistic hand.

“No, that will be all,” He said monotonously as he continued to stare at the tablet.

The Lieutenant quickly made her way to the elevator. After the soft hissing sound of them closing, the Captain pulled up a file of a golden colored Spartan.

“Alan…” He whispered

//056 hours after the destruction of planet reach//
//Starboard observation deck of the Genesis//

A figure stands before a giant screen, one that shows the wonders and horrors of space. Alone he stands with his solitude thoughts as he reaches for any explanations that could explain his purpose of living. The helmet turns slightly, looking at a bright and distant star.

’It’s so illuminating, as if it’s pulling me towards its beauty. I wish I could just reach out and grab its soothing light, to actually feel its warmth.’

The Spartan reached out towards the bright star, only to have his finger tips stopped by the glass window. Resting his palm he let out a barely audible sigh. He closed his eyes, as if trying to forget everything that has happened to him. To have nothing but an empty mind full of forgotten memories. He breathed slowly through his nose, then letting the concealed anger release from his mouth.
The Spartan pulled back his hand from the window, placing it back at his side. The yellow warrior spent the next ten minutes recalling the events leading up to his now current situation. The Spartan rotated his shoulders, provoking long forgotten pain through his upper body.

Damn Plasma Burns. He mentally scolded himself before he straighten his back

The Spartan shifted his head towards the sound of doors closing behind him. A few steps later, and the Spartan is pulled out of his thoughts by the sound of one clearing his voice. The Spartan turned his attention to the other being in the room, only to find himself being saluted and hearing ‘Sir,’ again for the fifth time that day.

“At ease, sergeant.” ‘How many times have I said that today?’ wondered the Spartan.

“Sir, you are wanted in the debriefing room now,” compiled the sergeant.

“Thank you,” nodded the Spartan, making his way past the edgy sergeant. ‘I guess it would be his first time meeting one of ‘US’ he noted.

As he continued out of the observation deck, he stole quick glances out towards any window that showed the beauty of space. He even stopped mid step to watch a pelican make its way out of the hanger to the air traffic aboard the ship down below. Marines were preparing for something big. Curiously, he took his time to watch the platoons grab their gear and dash to their designated areas. Looks like they were getting ready for boarding defense.

‘Alright, that’s enough sight seeing for now, though, I don’t think I’ll ever get the chance again seeming how I’m, "WANTED", back into debriefing. Funny, I have already deciphered that into, Dear Spartan 027, we, the higher ranking officers of the UNSC, are going to try and get you killed again, thank you for your services. (Insert middle finger here)’ Laughing internally at his joke, he quickly made his way into the elevator.

“Now is a good time as any, I guess,” Mumbled the Spartan. The doors shot opened, allowing him to walk in uninterrupted. The mirrors inside the shaft, reflected his bright yellow and light blue colors from his breacher collar chest plate. His commander and sniper shoulder plates rotated as his arms adjusted a few empty shells around his waist. Each shell had a covenant species labeled on it. They also each had dates on it from when he had killed that higher class operative. His favorite was an elite general that thought he was safe from within his little circular elite body shield. Alan remembered how hilarious it was when he sniped him from almost a click away. The elites that guarded that coward, all scrambled like a bunch of ants after his head burst into a fine purple mist.

From inside his Mark V Mjolnir helmet, a display of his internal HUD, activated to show folders that were labeled, ‘Top secret,’ and 'Personal records.' He opened the Top secrete one and selected another folder that was labeled ‘Music.’ The empty elevator, was soon filled with a noise that could put a plasma grenade explosion to shame.

“Damn, forgot the volume limit.” Growled The Spartan. He tapped a few buttons on his helmet, lowering the volume.

“Ah, much better,” he sighed, letting the music overtake his nervous system, relaxing him.

“Umm… Sir?” The voice was barely noticeable over the internal speakers. The Spartan opened his eyes to a sight he really never wanted to see. The only thought he had was, how long were those elevator doors opened? Everybody in the hall way, which was connected to the elevator, looked shocked at what they had witnessed. A Spartan listening to old style techno remixes. The Spartan then realized he forgot to punch the damned button to the debriefing room.

“Umm… I… umm… ” he staggered, as he slammed the keypad closing the doors in front of him.

“Well....that's not going to go well with the Admirals.” moped 027.

//Debriefing Center//

“This is not going to go well with us 027,” said a rather raspy voice.

“Your helmet audio files will be deleted from their archives, and you will be followed up with yet, another act of insobordination. Understood Spartan?”

“Of course sir” He replied stagnantly.

The room he was in was dark. The only light was from the high desk that were placed above the Spartan. There were at least three different Admirals on top of the chairs that hung over the Spartan like a razor sharp guillotine. Alan couldn't help but feel as if he was in a court room rather then a simple debriefing center.

“Now, with that out of the way, we will start on a quick background history of your, ‘Amazing’ achievements.” The Admiral in the center said. He swiped his wrinkled hands across his desk, searching for the specific files on Alan.

“Oh come on Bart, you sound as if he doesn’t deserve these accomplishments." The Admiral said from his left. "I say he has proven himself in more ways than one." The aging woman looked at Alan with a appreciated smile.

Bart scoffed at her.

“He really doesn’t. In my opinion, he abandoned his mission, and his fellow Spartans to save his own ass.” Bart stated, gleaming down at the Spartan. Alan raised his helmet, looking directly at Bart. If it wasn’t for the helmet, the admiral would have felt an unnatural release inside his bowls from the amount of loathing the Spartan had for him.

“How can you say that? He never left them behind, he completed his mission, and there was no need-”

“Admiral Gwen, as he was leaving, he neglected to realize that there was a covenant Super Carrier that received his signal.” Bart exclaimed. Alan tilted his head in curiosity rather than in shock.

“We will discuss that momentarily 027, but first, procedures and what not." Gwen tapped a few icons on her display, allowing everyone to see the encrypted files in the center. "You were brought up into the Spartan 3 program, 2nd wave of recruits, am I right?” Admiral Gwen asked the Spartan, who nodded.

“You were sent on a recon mission to Harvest to investigate Covenant activities. Also, to study their technology, see if there was an edge we could gain. Your mission was a success but the rest of your squad has been listed M.I.A. Due to their pelican being shot down by anti-air cannons.” Everything went quiet.

Alan could never forget that day. He looked down in respectful silence for his fallen comrades. The ones who will always be first to come to mind when he imagines peace, after this war comes to an end.

“You went A-wall on us. You ignored our orders and went after them." Bart said irritably.

Alan tensed up. He remembered that as well, especially the jump from the pelican and landing on the advancing covenant. He "Ignored Orders" to save anyone left from the crash.

"But, you did managed to recover the reaming information from them. So it all worked out in the end. Luckily for you."

"Enough, Bart." The Admiral said from the right. He folded his black hands together, wanting him to get to the point.

"Very well. Without their sacrifice, we wouldn't have gotten the necessities of covenant technology we have been wanting for quite some time.” Bart mused, holding out an odd looking device, circular in shape but had a flat top and bottom. He placed it on the front of the high table they were sitting on. It started to hover a few centimeters above the table, floating in between 027 and the three admirals in the room. The flat part facing up beamed out a few strands of light that started to show holographic images with covenant language and symbols.

“We were able to decode it, and what we found has given us some... interesting Intel,”

The doors to the debriefing rooms opened once more as somebody made their way towards the stage where the other admirals were.

“My apologies admirals,” The Captain stated

“Captain,” Admiral Bart stated with contempt.

“Ah… Captain James, we were just in the middle of background routines.” Admiral Lorie informed.

“Thank you,” The Captain walked over to the other end of the room to sit. As he passed by the Spartan, he reassured him with a small grin and a nod. As he made it to his seat, Admiral Bart gave him a disapproving look.

“As I was saying, the Intel you provided is most interesting, and also troubling.” Everyone in the group leaned in with utmost interest. 027 stepped unnoticeable closer as well.

“Some of the information shows schematics for an upgrade to the active camouflage equipment. Also some information regarding a device or Installation. We know little of it, but it's giving our top scientist nightmares.” The device in the middle showed a holographic projection of the equipment being placed on a Spartan. Next to the upgrade, showed a halo like structure. The red hologram interface showed that it had little to no data available. It was only part of the hologram show.

“The upgrades now allow the user to move in high speeds without slightly de-cloaking. It also is designed for long term usage, but will burn out after a total of 60 minutes if the user hasn’t moved. Movement will decrease it by almost exactly half the time, being at thirty minutes, which should give the user enough time to complete his mission.”

As Bart finished his last statement, he looked at the Spartan with condescending eyes. An unnatural silence fell across the room, nobody dared to speak. The captain looked at the other admirals in the room, given the debriefing files; he knew what they were to ask of him once more.

“Spartan 027. Since you created a mess that we should court marshaled you for, we have decided that you will go on a covert mission to disable and or destroy the Covenant Super Carrier before it intercepts our position.” 027 stood as motionless as when first he stepped into this debriefing. He knew all too well what was to come. But like a true solider he never showed it. He looked up to the admiral, and with a quick salute, he said the words of what was to be his presumably last line to him.

“Sir, yes sir.”


A bright and beautiful morning appeared over the horizon near Canterlot. On a nearby balcony of the royal castle, we see the princess of Equstria looking over her peaceful kingdom. As the sun rose, it grew an acceptably brighter this morning. Celestia smiled at her own form of art, being the princess of the land can have over stressed moments, but today was going to be different. After completing the routine she has done for a few thousand years, she decided to go to the dining area for some breakfast and maybe catch up with Luna. Seeing how today was already on a great start, she decided to take her time by humming a soft melody to herself as she moved through the castle.

Celestia was happier than usual today, when no guards were present; she’d break into a little half trot half walk, creating little dance movements to physically express herself indulged joy. She walked right up to the doors to the dining area, and used her magic to open both doors as if she were making a presentation to the world. Eyeing the table, she saw a very familiar face buried in a pile of food barley touched. Giggling to herself, Celestia walked right up to her, placing an ear to her younger sibling only to hear what she was expecting. She heard little snores which sounded so cute and adorable that Celestia nuzzled her younger sister on her visible neck. Smudging some food onto her own nose, she used her magic to grab a nearby napkin to wipe it off. As she was finished wiping her nose, she could hear Luna start to wake from her peaceful slumber. But what made the princess of Equstria freeze in place, was what she said as she awoke.

“Mmm… Yes, Darknoon?” Luna’s eyes lazily rolled to see Celestia’s face raising an eyebrow towards Luna’s misconception of her surroundings.

“OH MY GOODNESS!!! I Mean, hi sis!” Luna quickly snapped out of her tired state in order to cover up a soon to be discovered romance.

“Lulu, have something to share with me?” Celestia questioned her sister with a demanding tone.

“Who, me? Oh nononononono, nothing of the sort sis, why would I?” Luna said as she tried desperately to convince her, but unable to hide a tint of red forming on her cheeks

“Sounds like somepony has had a very eventful night,” Celestia teased,

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,”

“Oh come on Lulu,” Celestia pleaded.

“O.K. fine,” Luna sighed.

“His name’s Darknoon, we met last night at the meeting of the royal night guards to discuss leadership and ethicalness and blablahblah,” She said getting to the point. Celestia leaned in forward provokingly to get on her younger sister’s nerves, but Luna pushed her back smiling out of playfulness, but also out of annoyance.

“Anyway, he was ‘escorting me’ out of the barracks when he offered me a stroll around the Canterlot gardens, the amazing thing about it was the way he treated me. Like a normal pony, none of that ‘Princess’ this or ‘your highness’ that, just plain pony to pony talking. We also talked about our likes and dislikes, how difficult it is to do what we do. I have to say he really has more o difficult postion then we do Tia. He's out there risking his LIFE FOR US AND ALL WE DO IS....."And with that she feel face first in her food again, sound asleep.

“Poor Lulu, looks like you had it rough last night.” Celestia chuckled at her own double meaning.

Lifting her younger sibling up with the lightest magic she could summon, she carefully carried her back to her room. As she tucked her baby sister back into bed, she cleaned her face up, and then kissed her good morning. Celestia walked back towards the throne room with a few thoughts in her head.

“Hehehe, she is so going to tell me everything about last night when she wakes up.”

Looking back towards the entrance, she saw a guard patrol pass by.

'I wonder how long it’s been since I had a special somepony…’ She thought for a moment,

“Waaaaaaayyy too long.” She mumbled as she trotted up to one of the patrols.

Author's Note:

Sorry, first time, be gentle.
Lame excuse I know but I'm very limited here, will try my up most best to keep this updated.
Going to re-edit and do some other stuff, till then enjoy my Bony Brethren!!!
Thanks to Painor1 for editing

Well another chapter's done. Sup3rsay3n's notes here weren't even considered when he began writting. Hopefully this will help others get a better perspective on the first chapter here.

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