• Published 27th Mar 2013
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Frie-n-emy - Guy Balkur

A surviving Spartan from reach and a Sangheili Hereitic are transported to Equstria after overloading the slip space drive on a covenant Super Carrier

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Chp 2: Odd Ones Out

//Aboard the Redemption//

//059hours after the destruction of reach//

Every single floor on board was in a frantic rush to get a specific job done. Unggoy moved in files of ten or more while being escorted by Sangheili minors. Every Kig-Yar and Yanme'e, were shuffling through to the fronts while groups of Jiralhanae were preparing wraiths and other vehicles for combat.Amidst the traffic, a lone specialized class Elite walked at a rather slower pace. He was in no rush to get to his destination as he walked with his helmet at his side. His dark blue armor made him easier to blend in with the crowd. The Elite made his way to an entrance adjacent to the vehicle bay. As he stepped in, he turned to see a Jiralhanae looking at him with its dark charcoal eyes. Feeling a sense of unease with its stare,he turned his head and stared back with his own gleam of hatred.

“Know your place, Brute.” The Elite growled, as his reptilian eyes never left the Brute’s face.

The Brute gave a small chuckle as if it had some devious plan to kill him.

“Soon enough, you will be the ones to be put in place,” he said.

Behind him appeared his Chieftain leader, who knocked the brute over the head with the butt of its gravity hammer, sending the minor brute to the ground.

“YOU FOOL!! I will skin your pathetic carcass for the Yanme’e if you don’t shut up!”

The minor Brute got back to his feet, ignoring the concussion he just obtained.Still, he gave an affirmative growl as he sulked his way towards the wraith it was preparing for combat. The Elite didn’t know what to do about what had just transpired in front of him; he looked at the Chieftain leader for a moment. Both stared at each other, chalenging the one another to approach the situation. The brute, surprisingly, stepped back and lowered his head. The Elite nodded slightly, approving his action. Realizing he had nothing to worry about the Elite continued on his progress towards the bridged.

When the doors shut behind the Elite, the Chieftain picked back up his gravity hammer. Eying it with a sense of satisfaction, he looked back at the door where the Elite once stood.

“Soon, yes…….soon.” It chuckled.

When the Spec-op Elite had made his way to an empty hallway, he pulled out a device he had hidden inside his armor. The Elite made a double check around to make sure he was alone. Feeling satisfied, he opened the device to revel a secure communication network. Tapping a few buttons, a screen appeared in front of his face.On the screen showed a different Sangheili that wasn’t outfitted like regular military covenant.

“Bathou’mus, you copy?” it said.

“Yes ‘Refumee, I’m here,” He replied

“Have you made contact with the humans yet?”

“Not yet, we’ve tracked a vessel leaving the planet that we just glassed.” Bathou’mus looked down in disappointment.

“My true brother, these blinded fools are not to blame, for the Prophets are the ones to have justice brought upon them.” Bathou’mus looked back at the screen.

“Of course, but it looks like we’re getting ready for a groundside invasion, although I haven’t heard of any news of any human colonies yet.”

The other elite paused as he fiddled around with his controls, trying to make the network more stable.

"The ship you are tailing, will they lead to another human planet?"

"I highly doubt the humans would take such a risk." Bathou'mus replied.

"You must find a way to make contact with them and try to convince them to join us, even if it’s for a brief time. But be careful brother, your status of a specialization class was hard enough to establish to your identity. We still need the information you get from inside the circle of command.”

“Of course ‘Refumee, what will you do in the mean time?”

“I will gather as much followers as I can. With the spark as our light, we will demolish the Prophets reign of lies!!”

“May fair chances be with you ‘Refumee,” Bathou’mus said as he lifted his bulky arm to his protruding chest.

“And also with you brother.” ‘Refumee responded.

Bathou’mus quickly deactivated the communication unit, but as he stepped back around to continue his quest. Out of nowhere appeared an Unggoy standing motionless in the Elite’s path. Its face was frozen from fear of his once commanding officer, was now his enemy, a very scary enemy at that. Bathou’mus looked down at it; he eyed it with a threatening glare.

“HERITEC!!!!!” it screamed as it fled in a hopeless attempt to warn his fellow covenant.

It made at least three meters before it was grabbed by the gas mask from the Elite’s mighty fingers, and with a quick rotation of his arm, the grunt’s neck was snapped. Holding its lifeless corpse in the air the elite snarled at it before tossing it to the side of the hall, leaving it to rot.

“Damn fool, at least it was only an Unggoy.”

He turned around and began to contiune his path to the bridge. The doors opened, and he was on a less frantic level of the super carrier. One with large bay doors that had Banshees and Phantomsstationed at each energy fields. He stopped before placing his hand on his stressed face. Acting was harder for him then killing insubordnate grunts.

“Can’t have any more distractions, got to get to the bridged to speak with the shipmaster. From there, I can find a way to contact the humans, and maybe offer a deal with them to aid us if we help them.”

Barthou’mus looked towards a nearby bay field. Placing his helmet back onto his head, he gave that last thought some rephrasing.

“The enemy of my enemy is also my friend.”

//Aboard the Genesis//
//060 hours after the destruction of reach//

The doors to the debriefing are opened, and out came 027 walking rather slowly. He continued his small stepped pace to a nearby window to recollect his scrambled mind.

“Why? Why again?” He said to himself as his body leaned on top of the railing.

“Well that went well,” said an all too familiar voice coming behind 027.

The Spartan turned his head towards the voice.

“Not even a single donut in that meeting let alone a decent cup of coffee,” said the Captain as he walked up to 027 with a smirk on his face.

“Sir, Captain, great to see you again.” 027 turned around and proceeded to shake the Captain’s artificial hand.

“You too kid,” The Captain grabbed the Spartan’s enlarged hand, and shook it gracefully.

“You’ve been staying out of trouble?” The Captain asked with a hint of humor in his voice.

“Yeah, if you count endangering the lives of everybody on board, sure,” 027 said assertively.

“None of that, you have an opportunity to make things right,” the Captain turned his head to the Spartan. “You’ve saved us all before, and I have faith that you will continue to do so.”

The Spartan walked back towards the rails to get a closer view of the wonders of space. Looking down he could see the bay being readied for combat.

“Alan.” The Captain said, leaning on the rails with the Spartan.

“You have survived through so much, and saved so many, so don’t worry about what the all high and mighty think of you. What you should focus about is two things." The Captain grabbed the left part of his mustache, and began to stroke it gently. "The first thing is, how you're going to save everyone, again. Secondly, and most importantly. What kind of tux should you wear to the glorified party in your honor.” He said with a chuckle.

Alan smiled inside his helmet. "You won't get me out of this armor that easily, sir."

"Boy, this is my ship, and if I wanted to see you loose some of that hard metal, show me some skin. I'd invite you up to my personal chambers. With cocktails and shrimp." He laughed.

Both men laughed a bit. It felt good to laugh, dispite everything that made it hard to do so. That's why Alan loved James so much. The dude could be your worst nightmare, or, your even worse nightmare. After the fun left the air, and mute silence was all that replaced it. Alan looked down towards the ground, recalling an event that had plagued his vision.

“Back on Reach, when I was leaving the invasion grounds in the Banshee. I saw dozens of covenant elites trying to take down Noble Six. The Spartan that had replaced me on noble team. ”

James looked back up to the Alan.

“My helmet's hud read the tag of who it was down there as I passed right over. That solider never stopped fighting like a true Spartan, like a true warrior. I could only watch as I saw them pile on top and---.”

He stopped, allowing the Captain to bow his head in respectful silence. After moment of respectfull silence, the Captain put his live hand on the Spartan’s commander shoulder piece.

“There was nothing you could do to save that true solider. You tried your best to save all that you could. You and your fellow Spartans have mine, and should have everybody’s gratefulness that they’re still alive.” He stated.

Alan shifted out back towards the window. He walked down the metal railing until it stopped near the elevator. From here, thye both could get an even closer view of the infinte.

"It should've been me. That should've been me, James." Alan rarley called him by his name.

James could understand why he would say that. Being so close to death, the Spartan just wished it’d get him sooner, just so it would be all over. Everything that happened to 027, would give the averag emarine, succidle tendincies. But luckily for Alan, the Spartan program taught him lessons he'd never forget. Hopefully.

“Someday you’ll find peace in your life. But you shouldn't hope for that in the form of death. Do what you can to stay alive and save as much people as you can.”

Alan stayed silent for a moment. He shifted uncomfortably as he turned back around to look at the debriefing room doors.

"That's a goddamned order, boy." James voice shifted back into its hard earned military profession as he waited for Alan to respond.

"Sir, yes Sir."

"That's more like the ass hat I know. No let's get yer ass ready for our, special asignment. We have a gift for you to use inside the Covenant Carrier."

“Wait, I thought the original plan was to make it to Earth before them. That way we'll have the entire remainder of the UNSC fleet aiding us."

The Captain looked around to see if anybody was listening. Once he was satisfied he motioned the Spartan to walk with him down towards the elevator. James put on his professional military face as they walked.

“There are few things they didn’t disclose in the debriefing.” He said with a hushed tone while his head was looking away from the Spartan. Alan understood the situation, and did his best to play along.

“One reason is because we don’t have enough info on it, and the other is well…..”

They stopped as the Captain punched the elevator doors open. His expression told everything to the Spartan.

If we don’t stop them now, we won't be prepared for another covenant invasion on earth. We have no choice here, we stand and hold them off, if we lead them to earth. We might lead ourselves into extinction.”


“Tia, please come out.’ Luna pleaded to the doors of Celestia’s chambers which stayed silent.

“How long has it been since she went in there?” Darknoon asked.

“I don’t know, as soon as I raised the moon, I went to go have my breakfast with Tia but she never showed up. So I went to her room and here we are. Tia!!” She knocked on the door for a response.Still no sound came back from the room. Darknoon did his best to duduce the situation. Before long, the receant news of one of the day gaurds finnaly made sense to him.

“I think I may know what happened, a few of the day guards were talking to me about some certain ‘advances’ Celestia was making on a new recruit.”

Luna looked at Darknoon with a raised eyebrow.

“They said he had a major freak out and is now in a coma.” He said trying not to smile from the tale. Luna’s face turned a little red as she too tried to hide a giggle.

"Doctors said it was because of trobled heart condintions, mixed in with some under used sexual agression." Darknoon shook his head disablief. "Which made for a not too sever panic attack. Just enough to put him under for a few days."

“Oh my, poor Tia, I feel so awful for her.” Luna put both hooves to her mouth.

“Not only that, but the guards are going to be wary of her for a while now. Which begs me the question of why she would be hitting on one of her royal guards?” Darknoon raised a questionable eyebrow at Luna.

“I told her about us,” She sighed. “She probably felt like she needed to be with somepony, I can’t say I blame her.” Luna dropped her head in sorrow for her sister.

“I understand, and I’m sure she’ll come around sooner or later.”

The doors to Celestia’s chambers slowly opened with a loud groan from its aching hinges. Luna stepped forward, but Darknoon stayed behind. Before she could ask for his company, he shook his head.

“I do believe I should return to my duties. This is a matter between two sisters.” He said as he bowed slightly.

Luna walked back over and gave him a quick kiss to the cheek. She smiled and walked back into the room while swinging her hips in a seductive manner. Darknoon’s face darkened to a deep shade of red against his black coat. Luna could feel his emerald eyes scanning her flank.

“I’ll let you know if there is anything I need solider, you are dismissed.” She said, her voice trying to seem as if it held authority but at the same time sounded sexy.

“I…I…of cour- course princess.” Darknoon stumbled back into his military pose. He stood at attention until the doors closed before him.

“Damn, she really knows how to turn a stallion on.” He said as he hopped around to perform his duties.

“He really knows how to turn a mare on.” Luna said as she kept her eyes on the door.

“How inconsiderate can you be?” Celestia mumbled from her bed.

Luna turned to see her lying on her back while using her magic to put giant scopes of ice cream into her mouth.

“Ohhhh, Tia……” Luna couldn’t handle seeing her sister in this state. “I’m so sorry.”

“Oh don’t give me any of that, I know you think it’s hilarious. I mean how it couldn’t be!!” She tossed the ice cream over the side of the bed.

“I can see the headlines now for the papers tomorrow, ‘Princess of the sun nearly kills stallion with horny tendencies’.” She moped.

“Oh come now sis.” Luna trotted over to the bed to comfort her big sister by placing her hoof one Celestia’s mane, stroking it gently. Celestia flipped back onto her stomach as she welcomed her sister’s hoof stroking.

“This is nothing to be over worked about; I do believe this will all be blown over by tomorrow. So what if you were a little rusty from dating, we all make mistakes.”

Luna used her magic to remove the melting tub of ice cream from the floor while her sister was slowly falling asleep.

“Oh, I guess you’re right. This is nothing to get worked over about.” Celestia used her magic to remove her crown from her head.

“You should just sleep on it, ill see you at dinner in the morning.” Luna patted her head playfully.

“Lulu, I forgot to say something important this morning.”

Luna looked at her with peace in her eyes.

“I never said how happy I am for you. You and Darknoon make a cute couple.” She said as Luna pulled the sheets around her, tucking her in comfortably.

“Thank you Tia.” Luna kissed her forehead goodnight. She made her way to the door and opened it slightly in order to squeeze gently through it without making the door groan too much. She turned the lights off and left her sister slumber. Celestia looked towards the moon her younger sibling had raised. She let out a sigh and let sleep overtake her emotions.

Luna walked out to the Canterlot gardens, looking out upon her beautiful night. She stared into stars and wondered about how much her sister meant to her.

“The night is as radiant and beautiful as you my princess.” Darknoon said in a professional manner.

“My my Darknoon, trying to butter me up are we?” She said turning a seductive grin to the night guard.

“I try my best, princess.” He said trotting up to her side. As soon as his black midnight coat brushed against her lush nighttime blue fur, she relaxed her body to embrace his gentle aura.

“I wish there was something I could do to help her out. I feel bad still about me having a special somepony and her still being stuck all by herself, a princess has needs too you know.” she said with her neck resting on his thick shoulder piece.

“My beautiful princess, she will find her special somepony. in time. You’ve already done what you can. I know that will be more than enough help for her. All you can do is be as supportive as you can and just be there for her like you just were today.”

His yellow irris, cooled the inside of Luna's mind. freeing her of the normal bounds of reality. She raised her head, and staired deeply into his face. With half lidded eyes she pressed her lips against his for another night of hard work.

Author's Note:

Wow, Sup3rsay3n Really needed some help getting to those editions. Me, personally, I have a pet peeve when things arn't used to their full potential. Espicially when it comes to his feces. Might I add that he was the one doing most of the editing here? Ok, time for more chapter corrections. Have a emotional stable morning.

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