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This was my first story, so I didn't take the time I should have. I take much more time now, and look back on this story to see how far I've come. I suggest reading a different story of mine, or you could subject your eyeballs to torture. Your choice

Twilight woke up to find that she has mysteriously changed species into a Pegasus. She is frantically trying to find answers, and finds out that all of her friends have also changed. How will Twilight and her friends get out of this one?

P.S The writing is horrendous, like seriously it's bad. If you want a good laugh (from the story or the writing) you can read it.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 18 )

I have a feeling this will make for a very interesting 'fic! Especially with Pinkie Pie :pinkiecrazy: having magic!

Lol, fail grammar, but still kinda funny. :ajsmug:

Yeah I haven't always been good with grammar, but thanks for the positive feedback :twilightsmile:

Evil villan: I have an army

Me: yeah,yeah. This story has a unicorn Pinkie.

Villan: Buck

good story

On the one hoof I want to criticise your writing, and on the other, this is so hilariously random that it made me laugh out loud. Keep it up! XD

at one part you should make pinkies magic go, like, out of control and mess up all the progress that they have made :pinkiehappy:

this story is much better than my first, I had 15 dislikes and 2 likes :twilightblush:

nvm mind on the pinkie magic part

just read last chapter :ajbemused:

P.S. make a sequel!

I'm thinking about making one, I just need to get a solid idea about what I'm going to right first!:rainbowlaugh:

Pinkamena + magic = WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!

Wait... Everyone changed...
I'm calling at least 5 alicorns!

"Oh Twilight my dear and faithful student... YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN THE LOOK ON YOUR FACES HAHAHA IT WAS PRICELESS!!!!"

This reminded of when the Joker gave Batman a present, EVERYONE thought it was a bomb (besides Joker) but...
IT WAS A PIE ON A SPRING which launched itself in to, Batman's FACE!Hahahahahahahaha:trollestia:
Pranks are 20% cooler than everything else. You have earned a like!

Err, what the heck?

Well that was dull... no offense intended, but still.

"Goodbye my little ponies, until next time!"

I'm sorry, did Princess Celestia suffer an evil villain makeover somewhere along the way? This seems more up Luna's alley to my way of thinking.


Yeah... that was pretty bad... i'm sorry you read that. :ajsleepy:

Good story, but you're right. Horrendous grammar, imo.
Make it more interesting than just "noun verb noun. noun verb verb."
I noticed transitions between the past and the present.
But overall, quite good.
You have my like.

Thanks for the like and I hope your eyeballs are still intact :twilightsmile:

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