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Hello. My name is Elizabeth Shannon Rose Smith, but I prefer you call me Elizabeth. I'm rich, I hope you acknowledge that, and I have a best friend named Sara, who's also rich. So I said to myself one day, 'Hey, why not change into a pony and do it when my parents are away so I don't get in trouble except when they come back and see me gone and a random pink filly in my place and worry and grief for me like crazy when they don't recognize me?' Sarcasm, let me remind you.

Yeah right.

Proofread by EchotheWolf, edited by ParaDox Derpy, etc.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 146 )

it's interesting, but i'm not quite sure where it's going. Can't wait to see more! :raritystarry:

Hmm, interesting.... I would love to proof-read for you. I have a talent to be able to read something in different perspectives....
It's complicated.:ajsmug:
Just PM me.

I'll offer a proofreading position. I'm already somebody's editor, so I have experience.

Also, PLEASE make the next chapter.

Just one thing: remember this all occurs on earth.

This is an interesting development. You're the first to begin the story as a human.

But she won't be the last! She is a trendsetter! Watch as more start to make theirs like this one!

Damn. I should have posted my Doctor Whooves story sooner.

I just uploaded a story today starting off as a human, before I even read this. I should have typed faster.:fluttercry:

1589743 Thanks! Yeah, this is my first PonyEarthVerse story so...hope it's good!
1589783>>1589801 Okay, maybe I'll let you both proofread for me? I've never really been that good at grammar! And so, I think...I'll PM you! Thanks!
1589810 I've decided to make her turn into a pony after being on Earth and gets sent to Equestria...is that okay?
1589819 Yay~! :derpytongue2:
1590095 Thanksthanksthanks sooo much! I've worked hard on this!
1590146 ....
1590644 Yay I'm a trendsetter! I guess...
1591513 It's ok!
1591547 Don't worry...I wasn't going to copy you.

WOW I have a bunch of comments. I'm trying to reply to all of them!!!

I think in the Pony-Earth Verse there is no actual 'going to Equestria' besides, in order for it to be the same universe as the other fics, you would lack all characters mentioned, i.e. The Mane Six, The CMCs, Zecora, Derpy and Lyra, Just to name a few.

Take this double brohoof as a symbol of my appreciation. (\:pinkiehappy:/)


Feels, man.
Oh, crap, you're going to perspective switch between Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, aren't you?

Darn, I thought I'd be the first to do that.

1593821 No, that's not it...I was going to make it like that, but I decided it was a bit weird for this particular story, so I'm gonna make the Silver Spoon one a sequel.
1593512 YAYYYYYY!

Your YAYYYYYY trumps my :yay: You are a :trollestia: Good job. Keep up on this writing you've got!

1594042 Thanks! It warms my Rarity :raritystarry: that you said that (I know it makes no sense XD)

Everything makes sense to me. Pinkie Physics will do that to you. My :pinkiecrazy: is so happy and my :rainbowderp: is so excited. You :ajbemused: my :eeyup: and :trixieshiftleft:'d my :moustache:

1594074 :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:! I mean...:derpytongue2: said :rainbowwild: when :facehoof: in the :eeyup: that it's :ajsleepy: so I'm :coolphoto:.

TRANSLATION: Derpy said Rainbow Dash when Twilight Sparkle in the Big Mac that it's Applejack so I'm Photo Finish.

Really? Well :derpytongue2: said :fluttercry: and :flutterrage: went to a bar and saw :moustache: with :facehoof: on :eeyup: who was with :rainbowlaugh: and :ajbemused: but :ajsmug: left to go see :applecry: and :coolphoto: because :trixieshiftright: was with :scootangel: and :trollestia: was bored.

1594109 (Why was nine afraid of seven? It wasn't...numbers are not sentient and thus incapable of feeling fear. I dunno, just wanted to add that in there.) So :trixieshiftright: this :flutterrage: who :ajsleepy: the :pinkiehappy: of :rainbowwild: out of :twilightoops:, don't :pinkiesmile: with :derpyderp2: without :fluttershbad:, :rainbowderp: watch where you :applejackconfused: the :applecry: of :coolphoto:. :trollestia::trollestia::trollestia:

and :twistnerd::unsuresweetie::yay::trollestia::moustache::facehoof::eeyup::duck: Beat that. Oh yeah, you can't! I have best ponies! :P *trollface* :trollestia:

1594269 Really? Guess what?
> is not bothered
>can't be trolled
>laughs at your failed attempt

1600307 Yeah...more chapters! Just wait for the next update...it may be a long time, sorry!

I'm going to have a party with Pinkie soon, want to come?

1606514 Do I? Course I do...nothing's like a party with Pinkie Pie :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:!!!

Ugh, Pinkie caqme to Earth and showed up in the boy's bathroom at my friend's school with her cannon. Nopony SAW her but we saw the aftermath of the thing on the floor. Streamers and confetti EVERYWHERE!

1610708 Wow...that's totally Pinkie Pie. At least it wasn't Twilight...your bathroom would be all out with soggy books!

I remember when she came over last week, books were ALL OVER THE PLACE! I picked most of them up and returned them to her but I kept a few for my personal pleasure.

1610758 Oh, I could imagine when Fluttershy would visit...bunny mob!

No, she came but nothing like that happened. Me and her just kind of...chilled.

1610779 Oh, that's great...at least no bunnies got hurt (yay :fluttershysad:)

No bunnies ever get hurt. Me and Fluttershy always have fun. We never have "fun" though. Still trying to get her out of that shell...

1610853 At least no RD...RD'd make a big mess :rainbowwild:

Damn Dash. She was here and we raced, so much mess. I hate her for that thing she did...

1616219 That's a pretty interesting school...

Which state do you live in?

Not at school! t my...private place. *smiles wickedly* It's very secluded. Through a portal in my Ohio home.

1592521 You be trendsetter! the human at the beginning of the story is something I was going to use, but you beat me to the punch! I CAN"T WAIT FOR CHAPTER 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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