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The Greatest Islamic Pony. - Osama Bin Laden

The Story of the Great Islamic Pony! Travel across a dessert to the mystical land of Equestria to get a glimpse at the true feelings of the Greatest Islamic Pony ever.

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To Equestria

"Please sir I am trying to wake up you for the travel to that great land Equestria." A hoof proceeded to shake the sleeping Gupta Rajan.

"Sir," the unknown voice continued, "I need you to please vake up and depart!"

Gupta began to slowly rise, yawning, but closing his mouth with his hoof quickly as Chapter 4 Verse 4 in the Quaran bans ponies from yawning in public. He quickly looked down at his portable sundial that he kept with him at all times.

"Praise Allah," he exclaimed, "I must leave!" He hurriedly put his things in a magical bag that his mother had given him before he left his dirty hovel.

The unknown pony sighed with relief, "My name is Abdul Mughni, and I will be your chariot pilot for this wonderful morning." The unknown pony was brown, like everypony in Saddle Arabia, and smelled, like everypony in Saddle Arabia, and was poor. Again. Like everypony in Saddle Arabia.

"Thank you dear friend for waking me up! The great Alllah praise you for your kindness!" Gupta raised his hooves to the sky in gratitude for Abdul Mughni, his new found friend.

Abdul Mughni blushed, as he was a gay pony, and proceeded to praise Allah with Gupta.

Twenty minutes had passed before they had stopped praising the great Allah, and then they departed.

The chariot port was still under the control of the Talonban, and as they stepped outside, the freedom fighters raised their hooves in salute to Gupta.

"You are a brave pony for venturing to the great Satan. We bless you with courage to do what is needed to kill the evil Infidels of Equestria." They all sounded in unison.

"Thank you kind ones, I will do my duty to Saddle Arabia!" he lied, hoping no one would catch it.

With that, Abdul Mughni and Gupta climbed into a chariot and took off into the dirty brown sky.

As they flew, Gupta could see the marvelously poor city that was his pride and joy. Once they left the city, he could see the great oil derricks, the only reason why he had food was because of them, and he said a silent prayer to Allah that the evil Celestia would not be able to capture them. He shivered at the image of that hideous white queen brought to him. Her whiteness was disgusting and needed to be dirtied to be brown or she would be damned forever.

"Um, kind friend." Abdul Mughni was speaking to him now, dragging him out of his vision of hate.

"Yes pilot friend?" He asked, wondering what his new found friend had to ask him.

"Would you like a cookie cookie?" The brown pony blushed, as it was his only food for the month.

"I would enjoy a cookie cookie." Gupta extended his hoof to receive the token of Abdul Mughni love for him. It was a small cookie cookie that was demolished in one bite.

"Thank you dearest friend, for Allah has blessed us with the cookie cookie as a sign for our greatness!" Gupta was then wrapped up in a nationalistic pride for his poor nation of Saddle Arabia.

"I am not sad that I gave my only food to my dearest partner... Uh I mean friend!" The recovery that Abdul Mughni made was brilliant. True literary prowess.

Gupta then coughed, remembering a poem from his youth,
"I love Allah and the prophet
And the sahaba and my parents
All my brothers, all my sisters
Who love Allah and the prophet
O' you muslims love each other
Pray to Allah, pray together
Don't follow the shaitan
Remember the Quran
Who teaches you to love each other
Allah tells us we are brothers
Like a bunch of beautiful flowers
That is the way to become pious"

The poem left his chariot pilot in tears, almost causing them to crash into twin radio towers out in the middle of the desert.

"That was a close one my friend, " said Abdul Mughni, whipping his forehead with his hoof in mock distress.

"It was in truth, a close one. " Gupta confirmed. But weirdly, the desert vanished and then there was water.

"Water!" he screamed, for he didnt have that in his home town.

"Yes!" Confirmed Abdul Mughni.

"I like water and need water, for my home town has none!" Gupta exclaimed.

"My home town is the same way! Friend! We have something in common!" Abdul was very much excited by this news and he attempted to make a connection to his new found love. He only had eyes for Gupta, which would prove fatal for him in the future.

After an hour and a half, they neared the port of Canterlot, where Gupta would have his passport checked and would go into security and be checked by burly stallions of the TSA.

Once they landed, guards poured out and transported the chariot driver and Gupta to a locked room for interrogation. When the guards left, Abdul moved closer to snuggle with his new partner and immediately the door opened and a shot rang out.

"We don't have time for queer towel heads. Guards! Remove the body!" A red, white, and blue unicorn was levitating a smoking hand gun. His eyes were like eagles and his horn was also red white and blue.

"My name is General America, and who might you be towel head?" America seemed like a jerk to Gupta, but Gupta raised his hooves to show he was unarmed.

"My humble name is Gupta Rajan. Please don't shoot me!" He cried out.

America chuckled, "You towel heads are always trying to mess with us. But don't you dare mess with America! I will hunt you down if you try!" He snorted and left the room, his multicolored coat shimmering all the way.

Two guards came into the room and lifted Gupta up, walked him to another door.

"Welcome to Equestria Mr. Rajan. Be safe!" the guards seemed cheerful as they let Gupta free.

Gupta, even though someone had been killed, jumped for joy, but stopped quickly thinking of the verses in the Quaran that forbade him to do so, and sulked off into the street, his blue turban a signal to all that he was a foreigner. But he couldn't stop thinking that Gupta Rajan was finally in Equestria! The land of the free and the home of the brave!

Little did he know, that as he sulked off, the eagle eyes of General America were following him the entire time.

Author's Note:

Thank you for reading this wonderful story about our good friend Gupta the pony. General America seems like a bad guy no? and what about the water? Gupta is probably thirsty. I will make a new Chapter sometime this week good friends! Or whenever Allah commands me to! Otherwise, thank you for reading the love story of Gupta Rajan.

<3- Osama Bin Laden

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Oh lawdy, this is great.

The poem left his chariot pilot in tears, almost causing them to crash into twin radio towers out in the middle of the desert.

:rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh:

...I'm going to Hell. :eeyup:

That comment made my day.

Thank you :pinkiehappy: gupta's journey is indeed humorous:rainbowlaugh:



I love you too dear friend:heart::heart:

Hey Osama (Osama's ghost?), I have a question.

All the effort you put into bombing dudes and stuff... have you tried directing all that energy into a hobby? I bet you would be wicked-sick at Warhammer modelling.

What infidels would dare to dislike this story?! This is clearly the work of the Great Satan!

... seriously? Are we really going here? Seriously?

... Alright.

I love this. :rainbowlaugh:

I will! I just wrote a story called "These Faggot Ponies" once it's submitted you should read it!

Sure thing osama tell me if the story i made is ok it's my first story :moustache:

Its pretty legit. I like it very much like Arabic Women

Pffffft. Hahahahaha! Oh man, this is so funny. DO go on, sir. Obligatory "Murica fuck yeah" is obligatory.

Thank you so much! I enjoy writing and Gupta's story will continue! I got sidetracked and wrote this. http://www.fimfiction.net/story/86416/westboro-baptist-church-versus-equestria

hahaha osama you crack me up hey you are dead did not know ghost's knew how to use computers :moustache:

2174886 Which was ALSO hilarious. You sir, are a talent.

May I ask what in the hell you were thinking when you wrote this?

Da dairkha dai! Tasoe afureen kuey, sahib!

Osama, you are my favorite dead terrorist. :rainbowkiss:

Oh god, there's more...
I guess I'l favorite it.

I'd never expected this like story to be in FIMFiction.
Well done,Osama! May Allah bless you. :trollestia:

This is kismet, what is written by this this man/woman/ghostie-goo/ifrit shall come to pass, for HIS KEYBOARD IS TOUCHED BY ALLAH! Good luck to Gupta on his journey! May his turban be well secured and all things halal pass his way!

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