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This is Argel Tal's bio. He likes Mixed Martial Arts, David Gemmell, Terry Pratchett, R.A. Salvatore, and ponies. That's...really all we know about him.


Celestia wishes to extend the gift of Conversion to all the inhabitants of Earth, even those in the blasted and lawless badlands sectors. The Blackmesh PMC has secured the aid of the Ossuary Brotherhood, a fanatical warrior cult, in setting up a Bureau in one such location. But how will a tribe that embraces mortality and suffering react to Equestria's offer of a permenant end to strife and pain?

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I never really understood the whole conversion bureau thing, it just seems a little silly I guess. More because Celestia is a little out of character in my honest opinion. Anybody care to explain the full thing, cause I've been seeing a lot of these lately, and to be honest it seems like it is getting out of hoof.

2160551 I believe reading this will probably solve your questions.

2160599 Ah, so that's what it is. Sounds a lot like it was based off the Nazis and their purification form. I imagine a lot of the stories has Celestia go out of character to exterminate the human race, when really she would be more loving and tolerable of humans who would rather be human. Sorry, I feel like these would bother me too much to even read. I may give the original one a go, but after that I may just ignore these from now on. Don't get me wrong, I like the concept, but it just seems a little out of touch with the whole love and tolerate thing, ya know? Why would the ponies and humans who worked together not try to save the humans by actually helping cure diseases with their magic? Maybe I should read the entire thing first, but it just seems out of canon as a whole...

2160652 Even though I find the whole conversion bureau concept somewhat original, but it very difficult to do a story based on it since it will either turned into anti-human or making the ponies look like the Nazis.

As a TCB author, I do feel compelled to tell you that the original story has virtually nothing to do with current TCB aside from its title and that people become ponies. Furthermore, examining TCB as a subgenre in the comment section of another author's story, without commenting on the story itself, is kind of rude.

EDIT: having read this, I like it. Love the Ossuary Brotherhood, and look forward to more :twilightsmile:

2160837 Um, I am sorry. I don't really see how commenting on a subject from a story is seen as rude. If I didn't understand the topic in the first place, then why shouldn't I inquire information? Seeing as how I now understand the topic, I feel better suited to read it. Now, I am prepared to offer some advice to the author. Anywho...

Wow, this is actually pretty cool, a little boring to read through at first, bit how exciting can ya make a meeting in the first place. As for everything, you wrote this out pretty well, and not much grammar to really fix. Just thought I'd let you know I have changed my mind so far. It's definitely something that can be appealing if ya give it chance.
I didn't like it at first because there was some guy who was trying to convince me it was true. I had heard of it before, but never looked into it (the guy explaining was really getting on my nerves). Anywho, you get a thumbs up, and thank you for the chance to learn something.

I am on board for this adventure!

Hmm, decently written (which makes a nice change from the utter sub-drivel I've seen labelled as "TCB" lately), and while I don't really care for the badlands factions (because they aren't glorious Blackmesh), how they acted did make me smile. In addition, your plans for a hatchet fight are making future chapters appealing.

Gonna keep an eye on this one, I think.

I know, this was a bit of an "exposition" scene where the characters blurt reams of information at the audience while standing around in a room. I tried to spice it with spear waving and a flashback to a painful remembrance, but...que sera sera. :eeyup:

As for the genre as a whole..the thing to remember is that there are no bad genres, just awful authors. For example, just look at Tolkenian High Fantasy or Lovecraftian horror, when done well they are very, very good, when done poorly, they are literally painful to read. And there's a lot of poorly done stuff out there.

Dead author?

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