• Published 26th Apr 2014
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Me and Mr. B - Onomonopia

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Daddy's Here


The silver mare shook her head as the memories of the past flashed through her mind again, causing her to sit down in the empty tower--empty except for the four items that sat on four of the six pedestals. A golden crown with a lightning bolt, a green armband with a radioactive symbol, a necklace with a bat in the center and a tiara with an azure wand.

'I must stop myself from looking into the past so often,' she thought to herself as she stood back up, cutting off her spell that allowed her to see into the past. 'Nothing good can come from reliving those memories. I must focus on the present and the champions.' Just as she said this, the tower shook from an unknown power and one of the pedestals was shaken to its core. When the shaking stopped, the silver mare looked at the stand to see a golden shoulder pad with a grey drill in the center of it.

'I wondered if he was going to ever give that up,' she thought to herself with a smile as she looked out the window, remembering the first time she had met "Mr. Bubbles."


The flash of the gun barrel. The scream of a child. The pain as the shotgun round tore through his helmet and pierced his skull. And the blackness that follows such a wound. The sweet embrace of death, death for a creature whose life was stripped away from it and replaced with a life of servitude. An escape from the pain. For what seemed like an eternity, the metal behemoth floated in nothingness, free of all pain and suffering. Free...wait, it felt something, something pressing against its chest. The behemoth reached out with its hand, feeling the ground resist its push. Was it alive? It had been certain that it had been killed, why was it alive? The monster took a chance and opened its eyes, not sure what to expect.

As the Big Daddy regained consciousness and looked out of the eight view ports on its helmet, he was met with a sight before it that was not to be expected of one that was dead. The Daddy was surrounded by pure white, a room made of solid white. It turned its body to the left to see more white for miles. A look to the right resulted in the same view, utter whiteness for infinity. It was while it was looking out at the endless white that the Big Daddy realized that its ports and helmets were no longer damaged as they had previously been. It moved its right arm in front of one of the view ports, examining itself for any other signs of damage. The drill on its right hand was its first priority, as the weapon was his greatest asset. Using the mental command embedded in his mind, the Big Daddy ordered the drill to begin spinning. Gears began to move, circuits began to operate again, and after a few seconds the drill finally began to spin at full speed.

He let out a small moan of approval and began to examine the rest of his suit, which seemed to be in satisfactory condition, besides a few dings and nicks. There were no holes or leaks in the brass armor, the most important aspect of a suit designed for underwater movement. A full test of the oxygen and the gas showed that nothing was out of the ordinary. With all systems green, the Daddy began to lumber forward and try to figure out where it was.

'You are in the space between everything and nothingness.' The Big Daddy spun around with a wail of rage, spinning the drill at full speed and taking a defensive stance. But while it had been expecting a splicer or a person in general, even it was confused by the sight in front of it. A small, ponylike creature stood before it, with a long flowing mane of pure white that complimented its white, empty eyes. The pony's body was as white as the area around it, and against the white background it was practically invisible. Daddy let out a warning moan, informing the creature that attacking it was a bad idea.

'Do not worry, I mean you no harm,' she said in a careful tone, slowly walking up to the behemoth. 'I bet you are wondering how you got here...or why you are even alive to begin with.' The Daddy lowered its drill slightly, waiting for the pony to finish speaking. This creature knew how he had come to this land, if he could call it that. The pony began to circle him, looking at him in interest. The Big Daddy turned to keep the pony within sight, never allowing it to escape its field of vision.

'You are quite different from the creature that I had heard you were. I was led to believe that humans had heads on top of their bodies and that they had pinkish skin--well, at least the one I knew did. My spell was designed to bring a regular human to this land, not a titan such as yourself. However, I got you instead,' she said with a slight shake of the head. The Big Daddy growled at the pony and took a threatening forward step. The silver mare barely flinched at his movement, but took a step back as a precaution. 'I did not mean to offend you, but you were not what I had expected. I also found that there have been many modifications to both your brain and being in general. I tried to remove as many of the more animalistic ones as I could, but there is still a lot in there. Apparently, what Tenenbaum said about you varies depending on the reality." The Big Daddy kept his eyes on her as she said this, noticing that he felt a bit different than before.

'However, you are here now.' The Big Daddy spun around to the pony which had somehow managed to get behind him in an instant. He roared and tried to drive his drill into the pony's chest, but it had simply vanished again. 'I see that you have a temper, but I have used most of my magic to bring you here. You will have to do.' He spun to find her standing behind him again, eyes glowing with power. He rushed forward and brought his drill to her chest level, when his vision faded to white.


The sound of the waves crashing against the shore greeted the Big Daddy as he woke up staring at a blue sky. He forced himself back to his feet (an impressive feat for him) and found himself standing on a beach by the ocean. He stared at the water for a while, memories of the past flooding his mind--memories of Rapture, his Little Sister, and of what had happened to the city. Was Rapture still down there? Had he just surfaced after a bad dream? Maybe it was just-

Find Little Sister.

The Big Daddy shook its head and looked behind to see an old Vita Chamber behind him, with what seemed like silver energy channeling through what remained of it, which was weird to him because the chambers were supposed to run on electricity. Was that how he was alive? The last thing he remembered was being shot...

Find Little Sister.

He shook his head and growled, wondering where that errant thought had come from. He looked in front of him to find that there was only one path off the beach. So with no other real option, the Big Daddy began to lumber forward to the next destination. Once he had left the beach, he found himself entering some sort of forest. It had been so long since he had seen trees that he had almost forgotten what they had looked like in general. It was a nice forest though, with light shining through the trees and creatures playing in the woods. He looked up through the trees to see the sun directly overhead. The sun...how long ago had he last seen the sun? He couldn't remember. But while the light gave warmth to everything in the forest, he felt none of it. He lowered his head and continued to walk through the forest, in awe at the beauty of it.

'It's beautiful, isn't it?' The Big Daddy's drill started up and it spun around with a roar, recognizing the pony's voice. But to its confusion, there was no one behind him. He continued to look around when the voice once again spoke, seeming to come from the inside of the helmet.

'I noticed that you had a radio of sorts placed inside your helmet, so I figured I'd keep you company and explain a few things to you. First, don't bother asking for my name; that's not important. What is important is where I want you to go. Go to the town north of here, if you please.' The Big Daddy growled and started to head west, not caring for the pony on the radio. '...Okay, that's not north. Are you lost? Look, I know that this must be weird for you, but going to that town is in your best interest. Besides, it's not like you have anywhere else to go.' The Big Daddy stopped, taking in the pony's words. He hated the way she ordered him around. It was like that Ryan guy, but she was right in saying he had nowhere else to go. Plus, he might find his little sister there. So with a groan, the metal behemoth turned and started to head to the north.

'Glad to see you're taking my advice. The reason I brought you...well, any human in particular here was to help. I feel a dark presence on the horizon, seeking the destruction of Equestria and the Elements of Harmony...which you probably know nothing about. Okay, the land you're in is called Equestria and the Elements are...crap.' The Big Daddy knew the reason why she had stopped talking. On the road in front of him were two ponies standing in the road, with bandanas on their heads and an eyepatch covering the brown one's eye. They hadn't noticed him, but he didn't care.

'Those are bandits. Trust me when I say you do not want to fight the bandits here. You should probably try your best to go around them and-' The Big Daddy ignored her advice and started to move forward, heading towards the two bandits. Their ears flicked at the sound of his heavy footseteps and they turned to face him, surprise written on their faces. The surprise quickly turned to smiles and they advanced towards him, drawing weapons with magic.

"Well, well, what do we have here? A pony in a tin can, eh?" the one with the eyepatch chuckled, starting to circle the Daddy. "Your suit must be worth a fortune to the right buyer. How about you take it off and we let you keep your life?" Instead of answering, the Daddy continued to walk forward, pushing the pony's partner out of his way.

"HEY, I'm talking to you?" the bandit roared, smacking his club across the Daddy's back. A metallic clang echoed throughout the forest, scaring off some of the woodland creatures. The bandit looked at his weapon, which had snapped in half, and slowly up to the monster. The Daddy slowly turned to face the pony, eye ports changing from yellow to the bloodiest red. It let out an angry roar and started the drill on its right arm, using its left hand to lift the pony into the air. His partner had just woken up from the slap the Big Daddy had given him and turned around, rubbing his head.

"Don't just stand there, you fool! Help me-AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGHHHHH!!" he cried out as the massive drill went straight through his torso. The Big Daddy let go of him and the bandit started to spin around in the drill, blood spraying everywhere. Once he was thoroughly destroyed, the Big Daddy stopped his drill and pulled it out of the dead horse's gut, dropping the carcass to the forest floor. It was about to move on when a bolt of electricity surged through its body, causing him to roar in pain.

"Fry you freak!" the other pony yelled at him, firing more and more electricity. But just to the Daddy's surprise, the pain began to subside and the electricity began to move to his left arm. He clenched his fist as bolts of electricity began to fly from it. As he got back to his feet, he heard a female's voice over his radio.

"Thank you for purchasing the electro bolt from Ryan industries. We hope you have a shockingly good time using it." The Big Daddy turned around to find that the pony had gone. But he could still hear the pony crying behind one of the trees, doing its best to remain quiet.

"Don't let it get me. Dear Celestia don't let it-" his words died in his mouth as a shadow covered him. He looked up through tear-stained eyes at the giant monster, with its eight eyes still glowing red. The bandit started to cry as the drill started up once more and the monster slowly advanced towards the pony.


The Big Daddy had left the forest behind and had found his way onto a grassland, with rolling hills and waves of grass as far as he could see. The new scenery was nice, and even better, the pony on his radio had stayed quite since the bandits. Odd that the bandits would look like ponies, but he had seen far stranger in Rapture. Maybe they were so spliced that they didn't even resemble humans anymore. None of that was important, as he was getting closer to the town. At the top of one of the highest hills, he could see the small town in the distance. While he continued walking, he looked up at the rising sun. A night had come and gone while he had walked, but the lights from his helmet had illuminated his path. But now that he sun was back up, he didn't need the lights.

'...What are you?' The Big Daddy growled in annoyance, the pony's voice flooding back through his radio. 'Those bandits may have been mean, but there was no need to do what you did to them. The last one even begged for mercy, yet you...tore him apart.' The Big Daddy did not respond, only continued to head for the town in the distance. He looked to his left hand and watched the electricty flood through it. He had never been able to utilize offensive plasmids before, so how could he now?

'If you're wondering about the electricity, when I was going through your memories I found traces of others like you with these kinds of powers. I simply used my magic to activate yours, but to unlock more you will need to absorb more magical energy,' she said through the radio. 'If I had known that you were this violent, I would have reconsidered.' The Big Daddy growled and continued his march, turning his hand over and watching the electricity run through it.

He eventually reached the edge of the town, walking into another small forest. He trooped through it, scaring away any and all animals that crossed his path. His walk took him closer and closer to the town, and in the distance he could see what looked like a red farmhouse as well as a huge tree near the center of the town. But another building that caught his attention was a red schoolhouse near the forest--or at least it looked like a schoolhouse from the books his Little Sister used to look through. And the book had said that's where little girls went to learn, so his best chance of finding a little sister was there.

'Alright, I see your destination and I know what you are thinking, but let me say this to you now. If you harm any of those foals, I will bring you down myself,' the silver mare threatened in his radio. The Big Daddy ignored her and continued to walk towards the building, but then a faint voice caught his ears and he turned slightly to where it was coming from. He turned his massive frame and headed for the voice, the pitch and tone of it reminding him of one from his home. He eventually reached a small clearing that allowed him to look through the trees--to reveal a small horse standing at the base of a tree. And the moment his ports allowed him to look at her, only one thought went through his mind.

He had found a Little Sister.